Composition and characteristics of the glass ceramic

From the name already indicates that it is a composite material: it is substantially constituted by crystals of tiny dimensions immersed in a glassy amorphous mass which, through a series of crystallization of the compound, give rise to this product with high mechanical and thermal characteristics. The processing steps are two: in the first the glassy material is brought to the temperature needed to promote the nucleation process, necessary to the formation of nuclei of crystallization, and then cooled. During the second phase, a second heating will ensure the completion of the formation of the nuclei to be followed by the last crystallization, the final transition from liquid state to solid state. Among the main characteristics of the glass ceramic, those more interesting are the excellent heat resistance and to temperature : it is non-deformable up to 600/700 ° C and, of course, the coefficient of thermal expansion is practically zero. Another very important aspect is represented by ‘ lack of porosity that makes machined made ​​of this material can be easily cleaned, and finally, you should know that the ceramic material is completely recyclable.


Panels for the fireplace

The characteristics of the ceramic makes it very suitable for the protection of the environment by an open fire without depriving the sensation of warmth, as well as heat, that only a fireplace can give. In fact, the high permeability of heat radiation of the material allows to enjoy the heat generated by the fire without risks: also the presence of panels glass ceramic is a guarantee of decrease in the dispersion of heat and consequent energy saving, as well as to increase the effectiveness the fuel used in the fireplace.

The Robax , ceramic glass manufactured by Schott , a product is particularly suitable for making transparent windows for fireplaces , in the event that the chosen model does not provide for: it is available in forms flat, three-dimensional curve and so can respond to any type of aesthetic needs. On the company website you can download the catalog with the endless shapes, sizes and colors that is available Robax. Instead, when the panel is already in the fireplace, the result is an element capable of furnishing alone an extension: the transparency of the ceramic can really playing with fire by allowing the creation of original forms of the fireplace.

Stove ceramic

Even in this case, exploits the high heat resistance ensured by the glass-ceramic: the cooking surface is heated by infrared burners gas powered placed under the pot. In fact, induction coils bring into motion the ferrous particles of the cookware that in this way generate heat directly on the pot itself: in this way, avoiding as much as possible the lighting of the plate, it is possible to save electricity. Among the first Italian companies in sector, Smeg offers a wide range of hobs of great aesthetic effect and maximum practicality: all floors are equipped with an automatic switch off and have residual heat indicators that stay lit until the surface is hot. In addition, each floor is equipped with a block commands easy to insert to ensure maximum tranquility. The model PI662-1 , for example, has the frame in polished stainless steel and inner glass ceramic Supreme : has four cooking zones radians one of which is extensible and a fast – with as many indicators of operation, power and waste heat.