It is always difficult to choose and position the wall decorations. Most of my clients and friends I admit it is for them a real headache. Without proper planning, we risk making unnecessary holes and damage to our walls.

The inventory

First, it is wise to take stock of our pictures and then we made a good yard. We keep those we love and are available from others. In the scheme of things, we must move the furniture before placing the tables, because they will be willing to thoroughly complete the decor. The tables represent the final touch, then it is important to install the last of all.


Typically, the paintings are placed at the eye level, so about 65 inches off the ground. However, this rule may change depending on the case. For example, in the bedroom, we will place a small canvas a few inches above the bedside table, next to the lamp, for a composition in a trio. You have a great wall? You can install a very large painting or a composition of several smaller ones.


The choice of tables

One can choose from a wide selection of models and styles. Mirrors can replace the pictures and we love them for the doubling effect of light and decompartmentalization they provide in a limited area. The mirrors are very suitable among others in lobbies, in the dining rooms (on top of a buffet), or, in the living room, above the fireplace.

Artwork or reproduction?

It depends on your budget. For smaller budgets, it is possible to find in stores a large inventory of cheap reproductions. This is what I use most frequently for changes to my very small budget and I enjoy arranging cushions, vases and discarded with the colors found in the mural. As it is not expensive, they can afford to change them to suit your mood!

For cons, I prefer working with original works. The choice will be more emotional, which is why my clients should participate in this selection step. The work chosen will represent something personal and the stage of selection will be made judiciously. At home I presents a combination of both. Paintings in reproduction and original paintings. Unless your house is for sale, the photos are not proscribed. I would however be aggregated. The down stairs is a good place to group pictures of our loved ones.

Some stuff in bulk

# Avoid placing the paintings too high. If you do it anyway, you must have a composition which starts at eye level and add value so that the eyes can smoothly navigate the composition.

# Consider the neighbors when you make your composition (sofa, console table, TV, etc.). For example, over a sofa, a canvas will be placed about two-thirds of its size (a larger painting could give an overwhelming effect).

# When you go looking for a table to a wall in particular, be sure to take your measurements before you go to the store.

# Get the right anchors for hanging paintings by considering their weight. Properly position the tables do not necessarily mean locating moorings in the frame.

# If you wish to multi mural paintings, cut jigs in brown paper and install them with the sticker on the wall to properly assess the volume that will occupy your composition on the wall.

While dressing the walls, it’s like adding a pretty jewel in a garment. Some will love the place often at the whim of, while others will prefer to invest more and change less frequently.