Have you ever thought about decorating your house with glass blocks but do not you dare? If the answer is yes, you are not as misguided according to the current trends in decoration. These types of materials are recovering the boom that they had a day. And if not, look at these great ideas for decorating bathrooms with glass block.

decorating bathrooms

Baths with interlude paves

We have all seen a wall made of glass blocks or bricks. In fact, some decades ago it was quite common to find paved bathrooms. And it is not strange because this building material has many advantages that have to be re currently used. And the idea has been a great success! Not only take full advantage of all the benefits of these glass blocks it is possible to create great decorative effects. Can you ask for more? Here are some fantastic ideas for equipping bathrooms with balsa.

What is traditionally called paves block is a piece resulting from the union of two glasses previously molded. They have a considerable thickness and in the interior when uniting the two glasses, there is an empty space, as if it were a glass brick. The essence of the glass blocks confers a number of advantages that have fully demonstrated since to use the late nineteenth century. At that time the bricks of were limited to public spaces or industrial zones. Were used because they were resistant and because insulated space letting the light and maintain privacy.

This continues to be one of its greatest advantages and the reason why bathrooms are still decorated. It not took too long to incorporate the glass blocks to domestic spaces. They were especially intended for bathrooms, although they have also been used and are still used in other rooms of the house. The fundamental reasons why glass bricks have not gone down in history or have been forgotten are its many advantages in terms of construction.

For starters it is a very durable material so its use is suitable both indoors to build walls and outdoors as a solid and solid walls. In addition, it is a very insulating material. The air chamber remains inside gives it a great capacity for both acoustic insulation and thermal. This feature makes it perfect for enclosures large windows skylights and dormer windows etc.

Another advantage of bricks buckler one of the most important is that let in light without sacrificing privacy of spaces. That is why it is so good idea to decorate bathrooms. It can separate a particular area of another in places like the bathroom where there are not many windows and keeps it safe from prying eyes. There are paved bricks of different sizes and colors, which increases their decorative possibilities inside the houses. An idea for bathrooms with glass block is use it as a shower screen set either straight or curved this design.

It is a matter of creating a framework to insert later the glass blocks. The crosses separate glass blocks together. L-shaped crossbars are used for the corners of the wall at the starting angle. The T-shaped crossbars are for the perimeter of the wall and for the first row of blocks.


Once the partition or glass block partition is completed the joints are filled with a special mortar. Allow hardening and drying thoroughly and then clean the glass bricks with a damp sponge.