Big or small from your country or the whole world modern with that attractive retro air I love maps! They are original and fun in any space of the house. Have you tried decorating the children’s room with maps? Here are some great ideas to inspire you. Are you adventurous? You like to travel. Then you sure, as the maps whiz it does not surprise me because they are wonderful.

Decorate Children's Room

Who has not spent more than a little time in front of a map imagining destinations to explore? Today we bring you some ideas so you can decorate the children’s room with maps.  Going to the maps is one of the best ideas that I can think of to decorate the children’s room. It’s original, fun and gives the space an adventurous touch that kids love. Do you want a map that occupies the whole wall and that completely determines the decoration of the room? Choose a XXL format wallpaper and go!

Do you prefer a more discreet touch? Wager to coat a small piece of furniture. Put a lamp with a map design. Choose the bedding with this print. Ideas are not lacking, quite the contrary. It will cost you to decide which of these suggestions your favorite is. If you do not believe me, you will see. Powerful for its size for its rotundity for the air so special it puts in children’s spaces.

It is that to coat a wall of children’s room with maps gives the space a lot of character. It transmits adventurous eagerness, desire to know and discover the world, the passion for travel. It is a great way to share with the children all these treasures. In addition, kids have fun getting to know different countries and learning where they are all those places, they hear talk every day.

The wallpaper is a practical and durable solution to revitalize the decoration of children’s room with maps. You can place it yourself, although you will have to be very careful when marrying the different sheets of paper, so that they match exactly. With other types of designs may be less important, but in the case of maps, there is nothing left to do exactly.

If you want to decorate the children’s room with maps but do not decide to put wallpaper self-, adhesive vinyls are a good choice for you. There is a great variety of vinyl designs with maps: more traditional, with old air, vintage aesthetics or retro. You can also choose the size, as you will find them larger or smaller. One of the advantages of opting for decorative vinyl is that they are placed very simply and are removed more easily still. They leave no trace on the wall, so if one day you get tired of it or want to renovate the decor you will have no problem.

In addition, to curl the curl, you can choose a magnetic vinyl. There are that they become a fun game for the children, with magnets with the form of animals or of dolls to place in the corresponding countries. A great way to go over geography, do not you think?

The furniture in the children’s rooms takes a lot, but a lot of trotting. In addition, sometimes a renewal is necessary. What is usually said a face lift. If you like the technique of decoupage and have practiced it once, you will know that it is not too complicated. If you find a paper with map print (it does not have to be a map of truth), you can renew some element of the children’s furniture in a very original way.