Small flower plants and shrubs, but also herbs for cooking and maybe cut flowers collected during a walk. To decorate your home, a balcony or a corner of the garden, we are spoiled for choice with so many colors and different scents. And to create new green spaces that are not only beautiful but also original, looks like you can present your new floral arrangements: old metal bowls, soup bowls made ​​of porcelain, wooden boxes and plastic buckets become new blood vessels in the trend. material Oldest basins zinc Presentation Simple bowls of zinc gray, deliberately left with the stains of time on surface and in contrast to the bright colors of the flowers. If the plant is small, to put in evidence even more use more basins of different sizes inside one another (as in the picture above). To be placed in a corner of the house or even as a door stop.


Material: Porcelain, crockery Presentation Who has unpaired home a piece of old porcelain service for the table? Cups of tea or coffee, milk jugs or even the old bowl without the lid may become refined and original pots for plants and small flowers. Those are fine white porcelain with colorful flowers, pieces instead already decorated blend better with light-colored flowers. Ideal as a centerpiece for a summer dinner.

green deco


Material: A bowl Presentation A large bowl of glass or crystal, half-filled with earth, and in the center a small plant with lots of leaves and flowers. The trick is to choose a plant with many leaves to cover a little ‘ground and focus attention on the central flowers. Bella on a piece of furniture, perfect as a centerpiece.


Material: Glass bottles recycled Presentation To create a composition using cut flowers, long-stemmed glass bottles are perfect. You can recycle the water, milk or soft drinks, and put them all together in the center of the table, if the table is long and rectangular, or in the center if it is round. They are also good in an old wrought iron basket resting on a console or a chair at the head.


Material: The water jug Presentation The classic water jug (above left) becomes an original glass vase for cut flowers or small plants. Filling of land more than half, will prevent leaves and flowers remain inside the jug. If the table is large, you can line up several pitchers, maybe different in shape and color, but all with the same plants to maintain a certain harmony.