Green homes biofuel existed in Europe for a decade. In Canada, about twenty models are distributed by three main companies for about five years. These fireplaces require no chimney because they run on ethanol: a denatured ethyl alcohol from the fermentation of sugars from plant foods. These households do not therefore generate black smoke or residue. The combustion of ethanol produces only water vapor and a very small amount of carbon dioxide. In addition, there is no heat loss. One hundred percent of the thermal mass is used and remains in the room. It is an interesting complementary source of heat.

The power of these homes varies between 6300 and 12,000 BTU, depending on model. They can therefore be used as space heaters, provided you have a supply of ethanol. The price / efficiency of biofuel fireplaces is also enviable. Sold $ 8.95, a liter of ethanol will provide four to five hours of burning. This time may vary depending on where it is located. For example, combustion will be a bit faster on the outside and a slower wet. Gallon cans are also available on the market. Do not buy gasoline enriched with ethanol. The percentage of ethanol, unpurified is not high enough and the fuel presents a danger of fire and explosion. Although ethanol is an alcohol, it is not edible! These are mobile homes. These are furniture or decorative items. Made of quality materials and durable as stainless steel, aluminum, glass and stone, they come in various models of table, floor or wall. Their prices range from $ 795 to $ 3495.


They do not require more maintenance than a loose and easy to install. Models from the wall is set as simply as frames! It is even possible to buy only the burner and to integrate it into our own structure. These homes are certified safe and do not affect your home insurance premiums. You still have to meet certain safety standards as they release heat. Each wall unit has its own ventilation system. There is therefore no danger to the wall. But respect a minimum clearance of 18 inches between the device and the ground or ceiling. These green homes without chimneys are mobile and decorative elements. Having a home in a bedroom or bathroom has never been easier, since they can be installed anywhere!