New Year is approaching and many people take advantage of this holiday and the extra money to renovate their homes, today will give you some simple tips if you’re thinking that you opt for Home remodeling dreams and inspiration begin here.

The place to start is on the walls, it’s really one of the best ways to make a drastic change, if these pen swim to paint your house again this throws paint used on the basis of casein, which are less harmful to the environment, is can apply this paint inside and outside.

You can also make a big change on the floor of the house, for example, in the room, if you are thinking of replacing the carpet is dirty, first try not to throw it away, Give it, sure it will benefit greatly in shelters, B or some poor family, in terms of replacement, you can compare search new carpet, but try to be natural and organic fibers instead of synthetic fibers which are more common. Organic cotton and wool are good choices, the two will help you create an environment free of chemicals, you may also consider recycled wood, which does not contribute to deforestation.


If you plan to buy new furniture or replace some looking at thrift stores, garage sales or even on the Internet, you can find furniture that will serve to perfection and you will be much cheaper, and is a way to reuse the furniture.

As for the Christmas lighting for your home and the rest of year, choose LED lighting, at first is a bit more expensive, but you’ll be surprised how much money you will save in the medium term, buy LED lighting for decoration Christmas The ability to store and will last for many Christmases and not have to buy a little, and LED bulbs use less energy and are more environmentally friendly and that savers and incandescent or say.