The strawberry is a fruit that not only gives us the pleasure of its taste, but a lot of vitamin C, highly recommended for growing children.

Strawberries need only a mild climate to grow smoothly, being easy to grow in small gardens or pots located on terraces or balconies. Kids love to collect every day three or four pieces. The ideal for planting in pots is that the soil is slightly acidic, well drained, as if standing water around the roots would immediately cause putrefaction. If strawberry plants are grown in beds in the garden, raise some practical field for the same reason. For a rich harvest is essential to pay well in the fall, applying fertilizer and organic manure or manure dry granules.

Should be watered daily, especially in the flowering season. The boxes should be in a sunny and not exposed to wind and if the winter is very hard they will get inside until the arrival of spring. It originated in America and we arrived with the first settlers of Virginia (USA). He arrived in Spain in the nineteenth century. Spanish strawberries are known to have a high quality and are highly demanded by the other European countries. Huelva is a Spanish province, who grows strawberries and strawberries in bulk, with high quality and are the most popular, but also grown in Catalonia, Valencia and Extremadura, but to a lesser extent.


Medicinal properties of strawberries

Diuretic and antirheumatic: The leaves and roots have to remove the liquid component, so that the infusion of these leaves and roots help in the treatment of gout, obesity and arthritis.
Cholesterol: Has a large amount of ascorbic acid, and lectin and pectin components that help reduce the level of cholesterol in blood.
Anti-inflammatory: Strawberries contain about 30 inflammatory components of which include salicylic acid, ascorbic, chlorogenic, oleic and linoleic acids, both containing flavonoids and minerals, so that the infusion of the leaves is recommended for intestinal inflammations.
Astringent: Its tannin content makes it highly recommended as an astringent infusion made from its leaves.
Acne: For its antibacterial capacity recommended in mask mixed with honey to alleviate acne.

Strawberries as allies to lose weight

The strawberry is a fruit that contains very few doses of sugars so your calorie intake is very low. This quality makes it a fruit ideal for any weight loss program and an ally of people with diabetes. This quality must add its high diuretic. The cutter acts as a powerful cleanser of the body helping to eliminate toxins and preventing fluid accumulation. This work contributes its high dose of fiber which helps eliminate organic waste. The cutter has a 91% water and only 30 kcal per 100 g, making it ideal for d ietas, they also provide a 7% carbohydrates, essential for the body’s energy. They also have potassium, calcium and phosphorus and other components and a modest contribution of fat, only 0.37%.

Some quick desserts with strawberries

Strawberry-banana: Place in blender 1 plain yogurt, 2 bananas, 250 g strawberries, sugar and juice of 1 lemon. Blend everything and cool before serving.
Strawberries with chocolate and almonds: Melt chocolate and let something thick, pour over whole strawberries, add the chopped almonds and strawberries will be adhered to as crisp. Allow to cool.
Strawberries with orange juice: Prepare a fresh orange juice, cut a banana into slices and mix with strawberries adding a little sugar. Let stand one hour.
Strawberries with milk: Put milk in blender and some strawberries for color and added a little sugar. Cover the strawberries and let stand one hour.