The garden is a fundamental part of the house and is the first place that visitors see and so you need to be always accurate and flawless. To do this we must treat both the plants and flowers that the decor in the best way. Often you do not give the chairs the due importance but must meet certain standards to integrate well into the aesthetic and create a harmonious visual whole. With this guide you can choose the most appropriate chairs for your garden without committing blunders.

The choice of the chairs can not be left to the case but must be weighted in the best way. If you have a garden country with many flowers and herbs colorful and ideal to guide their choice of wooden chairs. Avoid the solid because it is heavier to handle and choose those strong-looking but light to be lifted. The wicker chairs are very decorative but not very suitable for outdoor use because the straw does not provide enough resistance to weathering.


As regards their form choose one essential without notches nor too elaborate decorations which would be more complicated to maintain always clean and in perfect condition. You can match the normal chairs a rocking on which it is always nice to enjoy the cool of the evening or read a newspaper lulled by its slow movement. If your garden is very essential and is decorated only by plants without flowers the chairs most appropriate are those that offer a modern and innovative design . Choices of buying real collector’s items that are sold at prices that are accessible to all your chairs or opt for cheaper but are no less fascinating and decorative than the others. The most suitable materials are synthetic resins, plastic and iron.

In the gardens that refer to the English style chairs to employ are those wrought iron are stylish and have a shape that never goes out of fashion. The most beautiful are those who fancy decorations flowers always iron but if you want to spend an amount less high it is better to direct their choice to iron chairs of industrial production but equally refined To prevent the stems continuously subjected to high humidity rusting, it is best to protect them with special paint to be renewed from year to year.