If our house is equipped with a garden or a garden and we intend to build a fence to protect the privacy and for added security, we can do it by choosing between different types and materials. These include masonry, steel structures or traditional wood. In this regard, here in the next steps, a guide to the fence of the house.

The possibility to build a fence are therefore multiple, and in this case we focus on two types. The first is to implement it in the middle between masonry and iron, and in this case, we provide a series of blocks of tufa purchased at reasonable prices, in specialized centers for wholesale of materials for the building. After being purchased, proceed on your own or with the help of a mason to raising the wall, although it should be noted that this must pass at least one meter in height, and should be implemented as the typical buildings of the Roman period, or staggered between them, so as to form a monoblock high strength.house fence


Once the masonry work, we can take care of the fence top with an iron railing. To achieve that we buy in a workshop, a series of profiles of the measure 50X15X2 cm. To start with the iron fence, we start from one side of the wall, anchoring on it a section 50 cm and 10×10 cm square. At this point, the other side of the wall does the same operation, taking other iron profiles, horizontal them, we settle (with a welding arc) between them, and then we tighten them with the future and a drill of the type screws and unscrews. Once the railing on the wall above the stone and turf, the fence is almost complete, so we just have to finish the walls with stucco specific, and the iron with paint for exteriors. As a second option, we mentioned the construction of a fence all wood. To create the assembly over timber sleepers made, there is also a technique much faster and at the same time elegant and original.

It is actually put on the whole perimeter of the house of the pallets , we purchase in a wholesale center for wood, and whose installation is simple and fast. So to create the English-style fence made ​​with pallets, just apply on the one hand and as anchor them to each other, to rejoin with the first, once the work is completed. The fixing between the pallets do so with the screws, so as to remove them at any time, while the ground is sufficient to lock them with rods of wood long enough, and inserted in the ground along with a bit ‘of cement. When you are finished with paint for wood or flatting, you can finish the fence to make it water-repellent.