Beautiful gardens are made through creativity, attention and dedication … but sometimes our lifestyles means we cannot always put the garden first. If you’re time poor because you’re busy raising the kids or suffer from reduced mobility because of ageing or a disability then tending the garden can be a lot of work.

It therefore makes sense to keep gardening at a manageable level while still enjoying the act of getting those green fingers dirty. Here’s how.

Design and planning

An allotment can be a daunting prospect for any gardener, so why not take the stress out of growing all your own vegetables and scale your efforts down? Try a window box full of herbs or grow bags of tomatoes or one raised bed of easy grow vegetables such as salad leaves or onions.

Install a hose close to the back door, or even better an inbuilt irrigation system to water automatically, and you’ll find it easy to grow a beautiful garden.

This is a great option for any individual and even those in retirement homes can experience the thrill of growing their own garden when following this advice. Retirement home developers like McCarthy and Stone often have landscaped gardens on their developments and they can be a great source of low maintenance gardening for their homeowners.


For those with their own garden or charged with lawn care, there are ways to look after your garden’s grass without expending a lot of energy. Just follow these tips:

  • Consider leaving part of it wild so that grasses grow long – the butterflies will thank you for it and it’s great if surrounding traditional English country plants like lavender
  • Chose a hardy grass seed that will survive the elements with little nutrition or care from you
  • Plant artificial grass – it’s much easier to maintain and offers a year-round green appearance

Hedges and pruning

Choose slow-growing hedges and shrubs to reduce pruning and maintain a tidy garden quickly and easily. If you find wisteria shrubs high and cumbersome to cut back then a great alternative is clematis or a climbing hydrangea. Ferns, conifers and palms have great shapes too and tend to look after themselves so you can always experiment with a few of them in your garden.

Decking or patio

If lawns and shrubs are just too much work then why not opt for a cleaner profile for your garden? Patios and decking only require a little casual cleaning to keep them looking their best and you can still use potted plants to add colour and intrigue.