Much of the furnishings of a house depends on the textile. In addition to being used for structures that are very stable and durable (think of carpeted floors, coatings for fabric wallpaper and the lining of the sofas and armchairs), we have a whole range of fabrics that accompany us in daily life and that talk about us to every person who steps away from our house. Curtains, tablecloths and napkins and bed linen are all tissues that, like the furniture, describe who we are and how we want our home. The carpets deserve a separate discussion. With this guide we will focus on the ABC for juggle between the home textile.

Curtains: the tent is the tissue boundary that separates the inside and the outside of the house, then “talk” to both our guests and passers-by. When it came cotton printed, they used to put the tents with colorful printing to the outside, so that everyone could admire the “wealth” of a family. It was only with the recovery and the appreciation of interior design that beauty is dedicated in dwellings, re-evaluating areas are also a time exclusively to the service, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. The tents are distinguished by cut drapes, length and material.


Let’s see how to choose the tent depending on the room. For the living room or the dining choices are usually tends to “representation”. You can opt for the tent long and linear, elegant, voile valance or pelmet with lacquered wood in light colors to create continuity with the fabric and “raise” the ceiling of the room. Or you can opt for the elegant tent consists of a part of the central veiled, always marquisette voile or cotton, in shades of white, cream or ivory, enclosed by two wings in heavy and opaque fabrics like satin or damask, single color contrasted , and topped with a valance to match the wings. For the kitchen or the bathroom are a must curtains and court practices that are “easy to clean” and “difficult to get dirty.” Must be selected cotton fabrics light and transparent, or if the brightness allows it, chintz fabric type.

The master bedroom, study or hall, or the silent rooms, the choice of fabric and curtains is free to give space to personal taste, inspired by the style of the room. Whether it’s a modern curtain and smooth, with rings, eyelets and binary forms, with a curtain drapes important or very light with the steering wheel , always choose the fabric quality , with attention to match any trimmings. The valance and side drapes, if present, may be made ​​in the same fabric as the bedspread or the chair of the study, to enhance the sophistication of the environment.

Tablecloths and napkins : for special occasions you can show off a service from 12 white damask in Flanders, with hemstitch, which adorns the table and makes it shine silverware and crystal. The linen white is always elegant and refined. For more intimate occasions, then we speak of services by 6, a cloth made ​​of hemp, colored or natural, rustic and traditional, will make a nice effect with the guests. The classic cotton tablecloth can be declined in so many variables that the only limit is your imagination. Even the tablecloth easier changing face with a valuable runner, which also saves it from stains! Finally, for more intimate occasions or unconventional, are the inevitable place mats, cotton or mixed hemp and flax, also available in cheerful bamboo roll-up.

Bedding: the bedroom is the room that most changes during the seasons For convenience, coordinated traditional winter (sheets more heavy blankets) you can easily replace with sets pillowcases + fitted sheet + quilt covers . As for the quilt, most are extremely light, versatile, warm and washable synthetic duvets, obviously good quality, compared to the feathers, which, moreover, are torn from live geese The synthetic duvet is also much more economic, recyclable and dries It folds away easily in a small space, not fearing deformation or damage from rubbing, and does not give off the smell never Feather soggy tissues of coating (sheets and pillowcases) can be divided into: pure linen, which is enhanced when it is in white and is embroidered with wealth (with floral motifs with classical or traditional initials of the bride) or with an elegant and simple hemstitch.

The linen is suitable for a adornment with romantic ruffles embellished with delicate embroidery fabrics in pure linen and linen blends are fresh for summer and all year round you can resort to cotton, worked with both normal satin, shiny and smooth Even the simplest sets in cotton is enhanced from the brink per day For winter, a immediate sensation of heat is given by the fleece cotton worked on “flannel” It is simple sheets a bit ‘hairy that give an instant feeling of warmth, thanks to the incorporation of air into the fibers for the summer, the bedspread is more classical in Solid pique cotton, durable, practical and stylish, available in thousands of styles and colors.

The cover beds linen are the most sought after and give a touch of elegance to the environment for the covers, without resorting to wool, which falls an easy prey for moths and it is complicated to wash and even more to dry, you can opt for cotton quilts in more or less padded or for classic and timeless plaid: the high-quality fleece fabric is eco-friendly (is derived from recycled plastic bottles ), lightweight, and easy to wash, does not go moldy and quick drying is indicated for when the nights begin to cool, but it is still time left for.