Floor coverings give the first character to the interiors, the style of which should then be based on harmonized furniture and, in the case of the bathrooms, the choice of health . Obviously we can choose these components only if we are renovating or building from new, but if we have this possibility we have absolutely exploit it to the fullest. Will totally change the look of our home!

For some years now, in new buildings, we tend to pave the whole house with the same type of tile . The result is an environment in which the floors are never appropriate in any of the environments in which they find themselves: it is always the case when trying to mediate! The tiles designed for the bathroom are actually suitable for this environment than for others, you want to cut or color or material. So the first thing is to choose the material. The tiles are in fact not only ceramic tiles, in fact, to be precise are not always as indication tiles! The floors and walls of the bathroom can be made ​​of different materials: ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or compacted floors and resins, varnishes and waterproofing, glass. But the cuts change: tiles of different sizes, mosaics for walls, frames, large plates, strips and single layer in the case of resins.


Some materials can be adapted to both floors coatings. And ‘the case of ceramics and natural stone or Re-pack that, perhaps in different cuts and playing with colors can be chosen for both locations. Appear with clean lines, but a certain cheerfulness, bathrooms with simple floor and wall white gloss wall hung and some squaring and frame with brightly colored tiles. When you rate the materials remember to evaluate the surface: the surface treatment will give much character to the room. The ceramics for example can be glossy or Matt, smooth stones or gap, and the wood can be treated but embossed or smooth. The uneven surfaces require more care in cleaning: severely if your time is limited. However, if you find them very eye-catching, you can still choose for limited space to contain the time then you will have to devote their care wing.

Staying among the natural materials also parquet wood are used in bathrooms in these cases is the fundamental quality! The parquet in fact is not in itself a material suitable for damp places at the same time if we think of a sailing boat with the outer surfaces of wood that last year we wonder how this is possible. The secret is in the type of wood, or the essence of origin, which must be suitable for this purpose. Following the laying and excellent waterproofing treatment of surfaces. The wood can be used, but not save or you will find some nasty surprises after a few years.

Let’s say you want a thoroughly modern bathroom or who wish to intervene on a floor without having to demolish. Apart from the possibility to paste a floor on an existing floor, but that will require attention to the opening of the doors then be shortened to the base, you can intervene with the liquid resin. The resin was born in reality for industrial floors because once stretched self-leveling, it hardens and creates a unique surface. For domestic environments creates unique effects and can be chosen in various colors. And ideal for covering an existing floor that just do not like it. The tile coating can be painted or covered by other tiles, but if your wall is empty you can paint it rather than cover it with the special waterproof paints that do not give any problem when in contact with water. The choice is suitable for those who see the bathroom as a normal room in the house, but must be associated with the choice of special health to avoid to lose character to your environment.