Having furnishing of the veranda is a great fortune . But it is important to resist the temptation to use it as a storage room! And ‘in fact only easy to put clothes to dry, shoes that do not want to keep at home, what is time to throw away and plants more or less lives! Thinking instead that it is a room in the house !

There is always a first question to ask in the living spaces. In this case it is: for what I use this porch? It depends on how big it is, by its exposure, from where it is placed over the house and not least from its shape. Not to forget the importance of what is outside. Appropriate features are indeed many: the study, lunch, an area where you can read or relax, a recreation area. These choices also depend on other factors in addition to those already described: your way of life and the composition of your family. If you do not like receive friends, for example, it is useless to think of a room with table football: will forever be an environment that you will not use and will again be a closet . If you love to read may be the place for a furniture from room to relax, but eye to white minimalism and the penalty if you have children or pets.


So the furniture depends on what you do in that place! The catalogs are full of proposals that adapt to all needs. Once again, the advice is to consult everything possible to really find the right thing! If it is a relaxation area are very fashionable and functional bench seats with large pillows and small tables and lamps in harmony. The materials differ from classical wooden furniture also suitable for outdoor wicker materials fake much in vogue especially when colored. The watchword is relax, then try to do the shop settling down on the sofa or chair and see if it really is comfortable. Expect a nice rack and, perhaps, the classic bean bag in the middle of Italian design!

If the choice is to use as a dining room and is close to the kitchen if you can think of using the veranda every day rather than as extra usage will be a new way to deal with the conviviality of the dining room – even two or why not on their own – in a place where it is absolutely prohibited the presence of television. Pay attention to natural light: eat under the sun at its zenith in the summer is not the best you planning the installation of blinds or small blinds to reduce the warmth and brightness below for each task you can think of furnishing suitable, just as for the interior but with a couple of elements in more use of green, because the verandas plants grow very well if the exposure is favorable It is a plant can do if well-chosen furnishings: Avoid clearly too big plants in small and if you choose not to small plants in large environments Minette few more And remember that even the pots make furniture Lighting should be suitable for an environment filter and do reflection on the glass if you want the evening you can see what is out So look for the type of light and the direction of their course .. whether it is worthwhile to see what is out!