If you have a garden or you want to illuminate a yard at night, then you probably do not know that there are night lights to solar energy, which store energy during the day and at night they distribute. These lamps are still quite expensive, but their advantage is that there is no need to run wiring. Then follow a guide lamps from outer solar energy. The solar-powered outdoor lamps contain the following components: a battery, the LED lights, a light sensor and four photovoltaic cells of the measure 5×5 inches. Now let’s see how a solar-powered lamp to light a garden during the night. A single solar cell produces a maximum of 0.45 volts and a variable amount of current depending on the size of the cell and the amount of sunlight that strikes its surface.


In a typical light of a yard or garden are then needed four cells installed in series. All together, they manage to produce a voltage of 1.8 volts. The solar cells are wired directly to the battery through a diode. The battery is of a stylus type rechargeable, nickel-cadmium batteries and has a voltage of 1, 2 Volt, and can absorb a maximum of approximately 700 milliards per hour. During the day, the battery charges, reaching maximum charge except on winter days or when the sky is heavily overcast.

At night, the solar cells stop producing energy through a time relay that clicks and makes the lights remain lit until you are completely discharged. If a sunny day guarantees at least 6 hours per day, then the lamps will work all night and when you go out will now have new day and the process of charging the cells is repeated, and so for all the days to follow. The lamps outer solar serve much at night to report a path such as a border of a flower bed, and give enough light to be able to move without the risk of tripping or bumping plants and trees.

Many people choose this type of lamps to illuminate an outdoor environment day, but of course to get a greater light bulbs cells must choose at least three times larger than those listed so far, and of course with a significant price increase The advantage of these energy lamps Solar is nevertheless exceptional because no extra cost and energy waste can illuminate a large area for at least 8 hours a night.