If our house is surrounded by a garden, it is appropriate to fence it for security purposes to protect our privacy, and especially to keep out prying eyes. Here then is a guide to the fence of the house .

The possibility of building a fence are many: iron, wood or mixed masonry and wood. We in this case we focus on two types of fences. The first is that of realizing masonry half and half in wood. First, we provide a series of blocks of tufa purchased at reasonable prices in centers specializing in the wholesale of building materials. After calculating the perimeter fence and determined by the number of blocks of tufa to buy, proceed on your own or with the help of a mason to raising the wall. Keep in mind that it must pass at least one meter in height and is made ​​as the typical buildings of the Roman period, or offset from each other so as to be durable and especially to form a one-piece high strength.

Once the masonry work, we take care to affix on its surface a wooden fence. To accomplish buy into a center for the wholesale of timber and related a number of sleepers of wood size: 50 x 15 x 2 cm. To start fence with wood , we start from one side of the wall anchoring on it a wall of wood 50 cm high and 10 x 10 cm square. At this point, the other side of the wall do the same operation. Then taking the horizontal beams the nail on the top and bottom of the wall. Now the backbone of the fence is ready and we just have to place the sleepers side by side to each other, to close the two corners. Using the same procedure we make any fences side then if they prefer to live wood is sufficient cover with flatting be affixed with a brush. If we want to give it a color tone similar to doors and windows of the house, they paint with glossy paint of the type used for vessels, containing a substance repellent , will enable us to achieve excellent waterproofing of our fence.


As already mentioned at the beginning, we have the possibility of making a fence of the house in another way. If in fact love the classic garden English is necessary to conduct a fence all of wood that must be built in the same way as the previous one but in this case, the wall must be anchored directly in the ground to a depth of about 20 centimeters. The fence being so low, the height of a man is made ​​using sleepers with pointed end especially for a sense of aesthetic . This fence is much easier to achieve because it works conveniently standing, without the aid of ladders and also the painting step becomes easier. With a guide to the fence of the house we have thus obtained the desired objective and our home will be the pride and inspire the admiration and approval of the neighbors.