The interior doors are an important functional element and a home’s decor. Thanks to the interior doors is possible to give a precise impression in your home or emphasize the style that you want to give all the furniture. In this guide we will try to begin to navigate the various interior doors .

A first element to take inconsiderateness on the choice of the right door is the kind of door which can be hinged (are the most common and most used), a book or sliding. In the latter case, it is then necessary to distinguish between those disappearing sliding and those which run on one or two guides along the wall.

The material most loved and natural wood in this area is, of course, the massive and what more guarantees in terms of quality , but nowadays even the doors of MDF or laminate offer good value for money. Of course it is good, before you buy, read the product information sheet which shall include, as provided by law, the information on the materials, instructions for maintenance, for the installation and disposal.


Not necessarily the doors of a house must be the same, you can think of at least diversify and make it more functional to distinguish the living area and the sleeping area to the sleeping area are chosen more frequently standard doors, wooden swing or sliding bead area day instead of using those glasses that help to make the rooms brighter, even the measures often differ from those classics, such as may be larger than those that allow access to a living room.

To close a door opening wide the new trend is to use sliding doors , which are also a great choice if you want to earn a little space and not worry about what the other hand it would be necessary to open a classic hinged door . Those that run inside a compartment in the wall there, once they leave open free space, but of course, you will need to do the installation work longer and more complex. If you do not intend to embark on a restructuring too important you can orient yourself to the new sliding doors that use a system known as track-and-roller, in which a guide is attached directly to the wall with a simple installation. If you want to give a touch of color to your home, you can do so by choosing the door with stained glass or lacquered doors in pastel colors or shades on.