Linoleum is a 100% natural material with unique features that are located in the most preferred for industrial flooring, commercial, sporting and hospital / health. Recently proposed is increasingly also for the paving of private homes. Refer to this guide for more information on the linoleum floor.

What is linoleum. Linoleum is a material base linseed oil and sawdust and cork, which is kneaded and stretched out to dry on the burlap or other material for a few weeks. In the mixture of pigments can be added to get different colors and effects (such as marbling). To the linoleum can also be imprinted a texture to mimic a flooring of another type, such as tiles.

The pros of linoleum. In addition to being an environmentally friendly material and recyclable, linoleum has intrinsic antistatic and antibacterial properties. Its smooth surface makes it very easy to clean and extremely durable: it remains shiny thanks to the content of linoxina. A linoleum floor covering ensures excellent sound insulation because it is elastic and absorbs shock. The benefits of its elasticity can be seen even in the case of falling bodies and objects, since it minimizes the impact damage to the ground. In addition to being smooth is also non-slip. The cleaning of linoleum is very simple: just a damp cloth to make it immediately clear.

linoleum- floor

In fact, no leaks or roughness in the dirt can lurk and resist. The price of linoleum also makes it very competitive compared to other flooring. It is a versatile material that allows the realization of an infinite variety of combinations. You can work alongside inlay different colors to get more unique effects. Also it can be easily adapted to rooms of all shapes and made ​​to adhere to the hooves of mobile heavy, modernization quickly an entire room without the need to disassemble all the furniture, as for example in the kitchen. Allows you to follow well the forms of health not to renew the suspended floor of the bathroom.

The cons of linoleum: after cleaning is very easy it is important to a proper maintenance. If the surface of the linoleum comes into contact with substances very basic you can spot and lose the luster of the surface are also absolutely avoided prolonged standing water, because, although it is waterproof, suffering under extreme Finally, despite the comfort and pleasantness to the touch, linoleum can be under appreciated because it is associated with industrial spaces or other non-domestic.

The linoleum can be purchased in rolls or in tiles and can be cut to suit your needs. There is plain that marbled, but for maximum visual splendor you can combine several colors in patterns classic, modern or unpublished. Cut the linoleum allows you to combine the texture for aesthetic excellence, but is also convenient to follow perfectly the skirting irregular or hooves of furniture.