Of course, the apartment chosen to receive the new floor is not square. Use a proven technique.

# Using your chalk line, draw his square of 4 feet by 4 feet.
# Measure a distance of 3 feet on one side and 4 feet from each other.
# The hypotenuse (the distance between two points ) should be 5 feet.
# If not, try again.
# Once obtained the exact measurements, use a marker to redo the lines. It is on these that you should rely.

Install the first board

You’re ready to install the first board of your future hardwood flooring.

# Choose one of the longest and install it near the wall, about ¼ or 5/16 inch in the latter, in the direction of the length of the room.
# Using an air nailer, attach your first board a few inches from side of the board, but more than 2 inches (5 cm) from the end. Your piece could crack.
# In the end, install another board and secure it firmly with the nailer, leaving about 8 inches (20 cm) between each nail.
# Then make a second row of planks, using the same technique.


As the plates contained in the packages are never the same length, do not put two joints together. Leave a safe distance, it will be stronger and more beautiful.

# Thereafter, you can use the nailer designed to attach each board.
# Nail tongue and groove in the male.
# Continue the maneuver until the other side of the room.

Obviously you will have trouble nailing the last pieces with the nailer.

# Take your air nailer to attach the last pieces. A piece of wood and a crowbar (flat bar) you will properly position your board in the tongue and groove.
# Finally, you probably will cut the last plank near the wall. Use the right tool (a table saw for example) and watch your fingers!

Hardwood Floors: finishing

If you opt for a sub floor, it is best to hire a professional to sand and polish the surface. Feel free to discuss with your family or with contractors before choosing one that will be entrusted with the job. Inform yourself, having satisfied customers. You will see that not everyone has the same quality standards.

# Before starting work, remove all the food that could absorb toxic fumes. Professionals using products not available in home centers and are often harmful to health. You do not want to make your family sick.
# Ask the baseboards.
# Draw a bead of sealant between it and the wall.
# Remove excess with a shingle or a stick to stir the paint.
# put away the last traces with a damp cloth.

Here, the basic work is done. But you’ve probably encountered some difficulties in specific areas, or between two pieces near a ceramic surface, in the closets. This will be the subject of our next column. In the meantime, you can always spend a few hours or days, as the floor that will add value to your home.