With the trend for several years, to build houses or apartments to open areas, it is sometimes complicated to harmonize and decorate some parts. Instead of trying to divide the decoration of these rooms, it is more clever attempting to match to each other. We will highlight some decorative elements and will be careful not to give the impression that a room “encroach” on the other so to have a good visual balance.

Here are three key points to use to achieve his decor :

1. The color, the search for unity. We choose to put the same color on every wall pieces to match. This creates a consistency in color. We can also paint a wall or walls of a first part of an accent color. It then checks to find the accent color in decorative touch in the second part is on a table, a cushion, a painted wall, etc.


Note: the color of the entrance announces the coming. The right choice of color is critical, as its color sets the tone and announcement style or atmosphere of the house.

2. A style, a topic, The decorative objects, carefully selected to adorn the first part, resemble those of the second piece in terms of color, choice of materials and subject matter. Ex : It does not expose the executives to entry of Japanese motifs in the lounge if the atmosphere is rustic!

3. An architectural link in this search for unity, style, color, space harmonized, we will unify the two parts by an architectural link working at ceiling level. For example, here we will create a pattern on the ceiling side room that we will reproduce, but on a smaller scale the side of the entrance. This will bring a great continuity between the two parts.

This technique envelops the two pieces in any way without cluttering the space. Moreover, this visual effect will create the impression that the two parts form a whole. When you enter the house, we will immediately a vision of unity and harmony, like a job well done. Conclusion Two parts communicate can blend in very well if we apply the rule of unity and recall (or accent). It really is a rule in decorating that works wonders. Thus, the two parts are THE pair! team Decorate your life.