When you know that it only takes a minute for a thug to assess the possibilities of breaking into a house, it is extremely important to install anti-theft equipment. Both for the doors, windows, garage, garden, there are many home security features to install to escape his home without worry and enjoy your holiday. Burglar Glass, reinforced door, alarm system or monitoring, multiple methods of monitoring are available. There is no question of falling into an exaggerated fear or getting caught by a feeling of insecurity paralyzing you, but it is clear, especially when going on a trip, it can be very useful to know what that it happens in his house.

So don’t take risks and avoid disappointment by returning to from peacefully without fear the worst for her home and the contents of his house, he should think about getting fit. For this Various options are available, either in a shop or on the Internet. In case of doubt, a professional will always respond to this advice, direct the customer to the product most suited to their needs and requirements within their budget.


Conventional methods

Before anything else, it may be useful to prevent the police station nearest to you of your periods of absence policy, so the police can offer to make free round around your home by controlling particular. Openings such as windows and doors. Another method is to provide the “home-sitting” on one exchange or lends his house to a person who you can trust or association that specializes in guarding.

Make a list of what was stolen from you

Thereafter, you must perform an exhaustive list of the stolen items, but said it remains subject. The list must be made together with the evidence of their existence and their value (invoices, photos …) and sent no later than 5 days after the statement with a copy of the complaint. If you find the flight means of payment such as credit cards and mobile phones, take your steps to block them.

Repairs broken window and electronic protection

If forced into the house locks, it is necessary to use a craftsman who will make temporary repairs immediately, before the permanent repairs will be made in the compensation by insurance. In addition, a protection system as an alarm will bring a sense of serenity, while discouraging new burglars.