If you think your bedroom is too dull and boring, if you think you need a change that revitalizes, here is a decorative idea that you will love. Keep reading and discover some proposals that you will love. There comes a time when you suddenly realize that your bedroom needs a profound transformation. Then you understand that you do not like it that you hardly spend time in it and that you only use it to sleep. But, of course, that can change.

decorate the master bedroom

There are many ways to give a new look to the master bedroom and choose quilted headboards is a great way to get it. They look good whatever the decorative style of the room. They can be modern or classic but are always special and elegant.  You know! If you are looking for an idea to renovate the bedroom decor and you need to change the headboard, upholstered in quilted are an option to consider.

The headboard is one of the most important elements in decorating a bedroom, especially if it is the master bedroom. In addition, that in many cases goes unnoticed and we do not give it the relevance it deserves. However, if you are looking for a special headboard able to attract all eyes, the bedroom will become a personal and different space. Decorated to your liking, you will feel wonderful in it and finally you will be able to turn it into that shelter that you want and need. In that place of rest and comfort, you are looking for.

The captioned is a special way of upholstering seats, backrests and other elements such as headboards stools or unsettles. The key to this type of upholstery is that the padding is held in place with buttons placed in a regular way, so that geometric designs are formed as diamonds or squares. Although it is of French origin, the captioned upholstery gained great relevance in England during century XIX.

There became fashionable the Chesterfield sofa that boasted this type of upholstery. Today, and even if it seems too classic form of upholstering, you are experiencing a new boom period, as it also is versatile and adapts very well to all kinds of styles. In addition, is that the result changes much depending on the type of fabric that is chosen to upholster the piece in question?

It may seem incredible, but the same type of upholstery can be very suitable for a bedroom classic, romantic modern or vintage style. It all depends fundamentally on the type of fabric that is chosen. And not only the type of cloth, but also the texture the color or the print if it had. Personally, I prefer the plain fabrics for tufted headboards as the beauty and elegance of the upholstery is best appreciated.

Of all the tissues with which they could get spectacular quilted headboards, I am left with upholstered in velvet. In addition, you can add a bonus of modernity if you opt for bright colors like yellow gold eggplant turquoise or fuchsia. Other tissues star for captioned headboards, which also work on sofas chairs or seats upholstered with this special method are leather or chenille.