Winter’s finally giving way to spring and the weather’s cheering up. Although it’s all downhill from here, you might feel like you didn’t handle winter as well as you could’ve. Heating isn’t cheap, but these days there are a few harmful efficiency myths about it. Believing these old wives’ tales could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run.

heating-mythsSource: Pixabay

One of the most common myths is that completely turning off the heat in your home when you’re out is the best way to conserve energy. This belief has given rise to programmable thermostats like these: . On the surface, being able to program the heating in your home has a massive benefit. In actual fact, it could end up costing you more money than simply lowering the temperature. This is an especially important myth to dispel if you live in an area with the risk of pipes freezing. Get one of these devices, by all means. Just lower the temperature when you’re out or sleeping, rather than completely turning it off. This could save you a lot on both your heating bill and plumbing!

Another common myth is that a fireplace is an effective and cheap way of keeping the house warm. If only this were true! The reason most homes these days don’t have fireplaces is that they’re obsolete. Some modern designs might be great at heating a home. However, most of them won’t do much compared to furnaces like these: . For the best heating efficiency, you should be thinking of your fireplace as an aesthetic feature, rather than a tool for heating. I love sitting in the glow of some roaring, crackling logs and toasting marshmallows as much as anyone. However, you should leave your heating to conventional, modern means, rather than spending a small fortune on logs.

My final myth is that draughts are an inevitable irritation which you’ll just have to put up with. In winter, a lot of people experience a familiar chill around their feet and ankles when they walk past certain parts of their home. Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t just another part of winter. At worst, it may be a sign that your house isn’t weatherised as it should be. The best solution here is to buy and install under-floor heating. I know, these aren’t exactly cheap! If heated flooring is out of the question, then there’s a much simpler option. Get some rugs for any hardwood floors in your home. Air deflectors could also be a good idea for combatting these annoying draughts. You should also make sure that any heating vents on the floor aren’t being covered or blocked. Snuff out that chill, and you’ll find you spend much less on heating.

I hope you’re not kicking yourself too hard now that you’ve read this! There are many other myths people believe about heating, so don’t stop here. Once you dismiss these old wives’ tales, the heating in your home will be as efficient as possible.