You want itself embarrassed Heating pipes? Here you read what note you must, so that everything runs smooth during laying of the pipes

Who wants to lay heating pipes themselves, which must have shaken on a level of craftsmanship. Especially since in the event of a mishap threaten damage to the building, as well as major repairs, you should be informed in advance and thoroughly discussed.

Caution is the mother of the heating pipe system

Before starting the actual work can, you should buy according to your needs copper pipes and insulation. You also need to seal the hemp pipes and a pipe cutter with deburrer, you can buy at the hardware store for about 15 €. Then, the transitions have to be cleaned properly with a Putzpad, alternatively, you can also buy solder paste, which eliminates the need for weeding, but that is much more expensive. Now remove one of the parts well with a solder paste, then put both parts together and make them hot with a soldering gun. If you now hold the solder to the seam, this will be liquefied and drawn through the solder paste to the inside.


Do not skimp on the solder, and you see them from the hot pipes with cool water as this can lead to leaks. Also note that the exhaust pipes of reasons, to radiator should rise slightly down. Similarly, should the radiator itself valve to vent out of a slight incline. You must also ensure that the copper pipes are insulated properly. To minimize not only the heat loss, but also to prevent the copper with the surrounding material (gypsum, clay etc.) comes into contact, as it otherwise might corrode. Can completely prevent the reaction of copper with other materials, unfortunately, not one.

In general, copper pipework is leaking at the joints first, if you will work properly but it takes 40 to 60 years. In the corners it’s best to use forms instead of angles, because they generate less noise in everyday life, when the water is flowing through you. Also make sure that you protect the walls lay the heating tube by means of a sheet metal prior to soldering heat. Wait for the dressing on until you are sure after flooding can ensure that the pipes do not leak.

Heating pipe laid himself accurately assess skills

In principle, the heater tube itself is not too difficult to move. You should however be clear that if something goes wrong can cause considerable damage. A craftsman is in doubt for the resulting water damage if you try their own hand, you are also the sole responsibility for any consequences.