It’s cold. The heater no longer heats. It can quickly be remedied. Even in some areas!

The days are getting shorter. The temperatures fall. Although the heater worked well into the spring, they are no longer heated. The farmer looks at the heating plant and says it is the replacement of some elements is required. Often the cost of the exchange are quite high.

Infrared Heating install hang up simply such as pictures

A infrared Heating is installed quickly and simply. Hang plugs into the wall, screws or hooks in and hot plate. Plug into the outlet forgotten. Already provides a infrared heating plate heat like a stove.Infrared heaters can be used for room space. A total eclipse changeover of a whole house of or an apartment is not required. So quickly in case of failure of the previous heating only times a room comfortably warm again.


The other rooms can be provided as quickly with an infrared heater.

Of course, should be installed by an electrician for the rapid resolution of an ordinary power supply. In any case, a thermostat regulates a uniform temperature. With a thermostat themselves reduces also of the electricity consumption, since a thermostat prevents About heatings. For the quick fix, there are thermostats that are simply plugged into the socket. For a permanent solution to a permanently installed room thermostat is cheaper. More on that in the next section.

Needs assessment still useful

Of course, before buying an infrared plate should a thermal calculation needs to be created. Each producer or supplier has submitted this calculation for free. Then it is also advantageous upstream still a thermostat for temperature-dependent control of the infrared radiator. Here, the regulation at 20 ° C can be set as an infrared heater heats the room air only secondary. A setting of 20 ° C would produce a wind chill of about 25 ° C.

Infrared Heating is a sensible alternative under conditions of higher energy costs

Night storage heaters need three to four times as much electricity as an infrared heater. Sometimes even more. Really expensive it gets, when temperatures drop below five degrees Celsius. Then, the stored heat is sufficient any more and it needs to be reheated with power at the normal rate. As night storage heaters are real power hungry, it gets written as already expensive.

Independent power creates independence

Even if the sun always shines, brings a photovoltaic power system. We know from solar-powered calculators. Even if there is diffused light, enough electricity is available for the function of the calculator available. Even if electricity must be purchased separately, are financially self-sufficient on the safe side. At least with the heating costs and other concerns power consumption.