Are you thinking of turning your cooking space into a holiday cottage kitchen? Here are some interesting tips to help you achieve it.

Use some bright colours

When making cottage-style designs, most people don’t go beyond white and soft pastels. You can deviate from this and use red or blue curtains or paint the kitchen island in any accent colour of your choice.

Use French doors and small-paned windows

A very vital part of the cottage kitchen design is making the kitchen feel light and airy. Use paned glasses if you are not bothered about passers-by or neighbours getting a peak every now and then. For the storage cabinets at the top of your kitchen, change the wooden doors and install glass. If there are any items there that needs to stay hidden, get curtains for the inside of the door.


cottage kitchen

Use cabinets that are furniture style

You can add to the cottage design by using this style of furniture. When painting the furniture, the best finish you can use is a distress finish. To create a centre of attraction in the kitchen, bring in an old model freestanding hutch.

Use shutters extensively

A kitchen with shutters at the pantry doors or other random parts of the kitchen gives off the cottage feel more than one that doesn’t. So discard the notion that these are only meant to be used outdoors.

Use beaded boards

There are many places you can have beaded boards in your kitchen. The ceilings, walls and cabinet doors are some places where the boards will fit nicely. To make the design look great, add a touch of white paint and install some of the boards horizontally.

Use a fireplace

Nothing makes a cottage kitchen feel more homely than a fireplace. You don’t necessarily want the room smelling of wood burning though. You could go for a bioethanol fireplace, such as one from These fires burn cleanly, and look great.

Use wood flooring

The cottage feel is not complete if you don’t use wide plank wood floors. In choosing your wide plank floors there are several finish options you can go with. These include   natural, stained or painted finish. Before you settle for a particular finish, discuss with experts to make sure the floor won’t quickly get defaced as a result of normal kitchen traffic. The finish must also be able to withstand the odd spill.

Use open shelves

One of the best ways to make you kitchen give off that cottage feel is to implement open shelving and plate racks and you can’t achieve that true cottage look if you don’t hold the shelves with brackets and corbels. No need to go overboard with your shelving either. Simple looking shelves are best.

Use big-size baseboards

These are common place in some of the best cottage style kitchen you can find. They are nice top off for your floors and also command attention.

When looking to add value to your home, the two major things you can do is remodel your garden and to remodel your kitchen. With these tips, you should be able to turn your kitchen into that lovely cottage kitchen you so desire.