Are you thinking of upgrading your home sometime in 2013? Maybe your kitchen is outdated and it’s time to make it more modern. Then you are probably interested in finding out what home and kitchen appliance choices are trending this year.

For the most part, kitchen trends are not changing all that much for the new year. Why is this? Because kitchens tend to be very costly and time consuming rooms to make over. There has been a gradual change in kitchen design however over the past few years and that trend is moving the kitchen toward streamlining things and making the space bigger and more open. Stainless steel home and kitchen appliance choices are the new must-haves for the kitchen. More specifically, refrigerators and stoves with the same wood or lacquered material as the cabinets for a seamless look that’s fresh and new.


Take a look through any online appliance shop and you’ll surely see your fair share of hidden appliances. You’ll also notice that layered lighting is big right now because the new modern kitchen is spacious and has become the primary entertaining area of the home. Built-in LED lights are going to be very popular in 2013 as LEDs are long-lasting, cool burning and energy efficient.

Consider visiting a large online appliance shop to take a look at some of the many choices there are available in kitchen islands this year. Sleek kitchen islands with plenty of built in cupboards and shelves are stunning to say the least. Adding an island to a tired kitchen is a terrific way to make the center of your home more warm and welcoming. It should not come as a surprise that home and kitchen appliance centers are not selling all that much dining room furniture today. This is because the home design trends are slipping away from dining rooms and heading toward eating, drinking and entertaining in the kitchen itself around a large kitchen island that comes complete with matching bar stools.

Another trend the typical online appliance shop will showcase this year is the highly responsive and fast induction stove top. Not only are these stoves fast and even to cook on, but they’re very energy-efficient which keeps in step with the current focus on being more earth friendly. The only downside to these stoves is the price as they do cost significantly more than gas or electric ranges but they are incredible performers and considered must-haves by accomplished and passionate home chefs. Decorative range hoods with built-in LED lights are also top home and kitchen appliance choices these days. These sleeker range hoods are replacing the old-fashioned, squared stainless steel shaped hoods to add a modern-day touch to the highly functional kitchen of 2013.