A house without a kitchen is not a home. For many Spanish families, the main living space is the kitchen. Thus, insurance companies are incorporating services into their home insurance protection related products greater value within them: appliances. Often the home insurance policy contracted guarantees, for example, the payment of compensation in case of damage caused by power outages or lightning. But do you really insurers respond to these situations?

The truth is that they do not always. The Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds annually thousands of records related to differences between users and insurers regarding the interpretation of the application of the policy, the assessment of the incident and ultimately, failure to pay any compensation records. This is the reality, although insurers insist they will respond in accordance with the agreed if the appliance fails for any of the reasons set out in the contract (fire, lightning, explosion, electrical blackouts). The insurance comparison allows evaluating proposals from different home insurance to make sure you really are going to cover what we need in our home.


If no bill, there is nothing to do

If you claim the replacement of a faulty appliance, the first thing the city should be clear is that if there is no bill, there is nothing to do. Companies require first present proof of the failed device and the client can not keep it. Also, if the fault stems from a problem with the power supply, insurers will ask for confirmation from the electricity they actually produced a blackout company. To this we must add that it is not always common for insurers to respond in these situations the failure of the audio, video or photograph in the dining room located in the electrical equipment rooms and bathrooms, and small appliances kitchen (blender, toaster or blender).

You can resolve conflicts in the Consumer Arbitration

Suppose you are not able to meet these requirements, what can you do? Today, from the National Consumer Institute is recognized as a measure to resolve conflicts formula Consumer Arbitration. It is a free and extrajudicial figure that member companies are required to attend and whose decision called award is binding. If for any reason the insurance company or the electric company does not go to arbitration, it is more often then going to the courts.