Home care is very special and particular task for all home owner. A house, whether large or small apartment, demand maintenance and care can become a heavy burden, if not made, for example, proper scheduling, so follow tips and tricks to care the home can be an alternative that benefits us.

Any house contains furniture, appliances and various accessories, which must be realizarles periodic cleaning and maintenance types. It is therefore important to know the treatment that is most convenient for each item you have at home, and do it efficiently and conscious, and so extend the functionality of each. If you need maintenance of your home you could choose water damage restoration columbus ohio also follow the below home care tips and tricks.

home care tipsMaintenance inside cabinets: for those with a coating or are lacquered wood, can be cleaned using a damp cloth in mild soap, drying the surface thoroughly with cloth cotton lint.

It is also often recommended to ventilate the interior of the cabinets, and to avoid undesirable musty smell in the clothes, and may place a bowl with salt. In closets dust settles also in the interior, which can be removed with a dry cloth.

Wash carpets protecting the environment: You can make carpet cleaning without using chemicals; it is enough to sprinkle on it a generous amount of baking soda, which is left on for 15 minutes, then vacuum to remove fine powder.

Clean stainless steel surfaces: The stainless steel and other artifacts have a modern and elegant aesthetic, but also require specific care. Spots commonly occur on the surfaces of steel, dust, grease and fingerprints, for which it is recommended not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.

With a mixture of water and soap, plus a dash of ammonia applying it with a sponge, unclear, rubbing with a cloth and let it dry, it will be enough to leave glittering artifacts.

Cleaning and maintenance of curtains and screens: There is a wide variety of shades, those made with modern materials, such as screen type, will need frequent cleaning, vacuuming on its surface to remove dust that is deposited there.

The advice is not to rub the screen, not use abrasive products, because they can break the tissue. A deeper cleaning can be done with soapy water, passing it with a single, well rinsing and drying the extended screen.

Dishwasher odor: One way to eliminate unpleasant odors that may appear on these kitchen appliances, vacuum is put to work by placing a handful of salt on the liquid soap, then rinse with cold water.