The dirt that accumulates in the home is not only unpleasant to look at but can cause allergies and damage to health. Let’s see how to reduce the dust with the right strategies, avoiding the formation and deposit with simple strategies and practices, in order to make more clean and hygienic our home.

Clean our house every day is critical to prevent the dirt to settle, but we can also use effective methods to reduce the amount and keep more healthy air of the house . The deposition of dust can cause allergies, also favors the proliferation of mites, then it is good to promote hygiene in the home with the right strategies. To reduce the dust we try first of all to decorate the rooms in an appropriate way : remove the unnecessary knick-knacks, especially in the bedrooms and in the children’s room. We give preference to materials that are easy to clean and does not attract dirt, such as wood and metal, and avoid too many coverings, curtains, pillows. The wooden floor or tiles is definitely more hygienic carpet, let’s use the carpets only where necessary and throw them frequently, are useful instead at the entrance to remove dirt from shoes before entering.


To have healthier air in your home remember to clean and replace air conditioning filters and the stove also choose plants heating quality and efficient, which do not disperse smoke and dirt in the room. We maintain a good percentage of moisture in the air, especially when it is in the heating action, between 40% and 50%. Let’s pay attention to the fixtures: will insulate the house properly, also remember to change the seals to prevent the ingress of debris from the outside.

When we clean we use a wet cloth or one that keeps the dust in order to capture and disperse in the air Some places in the house tend to accumulate more dust, among them we have the wardrobe, we try to clean all the shelves, even the floor internal and pack in bags or boxes that do not use. The bed is another furniture that requires no special maintenance to accumulate dust, slam the mattress periodically, protect it with a cover toilet and wash our mite weekly linen pillows and mattresses are regularly beaten and left in the air finally remember to ventilate every day the rooms of our house so as to remove stale air and dust in the atmosphere.