A daily taking into account the environment is the first step for the preservation of the planet, especially for future generations. Then adopt a lifestyle as green as possible, trying to reduce waste and combat pollution damage, is crucial. therefore the How to make in our everyday lives more Eco-friendly ? Here are some examples involving the diverse fields: furniture, technology and clothing.

To try to influence the environment is less important from the place that we frequent and love the most: the home. We opt for the class appliances that consume less electricity. TV, washing machine, dishwasher low power are now on sale everywhere and although they cost more than those with different energy efficiency , help you save in the long term. A European directive regulates the whole matter related to energy, and to make clear the range of consumption corresponding to the class of our appliance, has thought of labels. Not only the purchase of technologically advanced appliances can make your home more green, but are valuable even small touches such as the installation of flow regulators on taps
the whole house. These objects, very cheap, mix the air to water saving thousands of gallons of water each year.



Even the fashion for some time now combining the style with more environmentally friendly materials: from clothes to bags, from shoes to sun glasses, brands are increasingly attentive to fashion as ethical as possible. It starts from organic cotton, dyed or not, and the pearl breeding, to get to the hemp and recycled polyester and synthetic materials.


The attention to the environment has long been one of the prerogatives of the design, which not only uses recycled materials, but also uses renewable production processes , significantly reducing the impact on the environment: wood second hand becomes the structure of sofas and chairs lined with natural materials of the highest aesthetic impact.


Surely the recycling of furniture is a new trend of furniture is always green. With a little ‘creativity and craftsmanship can create original and unique, perhaps during the weekend when you have a little’ time. idea would be to recycle the pallets , the wooden pallets used in warehouses and in large stores, small lounges used to create the conversation, bookcases or tables. Another idea might be to give new life to the “bedside of her grandmother, “that once sanded and painted with paint, non-toxic, of course, it can become a beautiful cabinet for the bathroom or children’s room.