Furniture made of plaster or plaster can be true works of art and should be taken into account when decorating homes.

The possibilities that exist at the time of making the design of a furniture piece are endless. You can make libraries, closets, furniture dining room , beds, furniture shelf dividers. The advantages they have is they are a very great length, and they can use every little space at the shelter. You can also integrate well with any interior decor, creating a feeling of lightness and levity. Accepts all types of finishes, from wood, glass, paint, coatings, ceramics .

Materials for furniture work

The material used will depend on the type of furniture you want to perform, finishing needs and budget that will count. Until about 25 years was about the most common traditional labor perform them. Are currently very few well because it requires more execution time so that the expensive labor the final price of the furniture. However it is very good in terms of robustness, since it is a solid material and very sturdy. Suitable bases for sofas or benches, or beds. Not to be moldable materials, their possibilities are limited.


Gypsum and plaster work furniture to decorate the house

The appearance of cardboard plates gypsum greatly revolutionized construction work furniture. Two gypsum boards are joined by a filler insulating and nonflammable. In Spain it is known as “plasterboard”, and this is a brand name with which this material was introduced into the country. It is prefabricated parts that can be cut to measure directly on site and are easy to install, which lowers labor. Your support is lightweight metal structures that support and give shape to the cabinet, and are allowing the subject to floors and walls.

The ends can be varied, being as generic as to coat the edges with a metal strip that improves aesthetics and also prevents strokes. It’s ideally suited for furniture much weight as large bookstores or flown on the wall shelves. There are also water-resistant gypsum board (moisture resistant), which make them suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens . This medium is also used to coat walls and ceilings. Hides wires and tubes inside and even house lights, which gives great versatility when it comes to interior decorating.

Plaster work furniture for home decor

This material allows thinner shelves and decorative finishes, so they are usable when what you want is a picture of lighter and ornate furniture. It is less resistant than gypsum board, so it is not advisable to use in case you require support much weight.

# One advantage is that you can incorporate decorative elements such as pilasters or cornices.
# The drawback is that it requires a escayolist to the preparation of the wall. Further work is slower because it is necessary to respect the drying time of plaster.

As for prices, the cast is a bit cheaper than drywall, but with increasing labor can say they are very even. The material which it is used, with a little ingenuity you can get true works of art in the decoration of houses with a furniture piece.