You need not be experts in the field to make a furniture for your home. Sometimes you can make the little mistakes , but they do make the difference. Care should be only a little attention more to avoid creating obvious false notes that ruin the whole thing. Being careful to detail the decor of our home can dramatically improve. This tutorial gives you tips on how to decorate a home and what are the mistakes to avoid. Lets talk about home decor: Mistakes to Avoid.

home decor

The first thing to do is pay attention to the length of the curtains. It may seem trivial, but if the curtains are short can create a jarring environment. They must be long up to the ground, not at mid-height, but at least up to where it begins the radiator. However, it must not cover the radiators; if this occurs diamond tent or tie to pass the hot air. If at home we have paintings or prints on the wall we have to keep them at eye so as not to force people to look at them with the nose.

Pay attention to the proportions between the various objects and furnishings. It is not appropriate to immobilization large on media with limited space and vice versa. On a bed or a sofa large we should not put too small paintings that are lost in the proportions. A picture of the size very big place in a room where there are elements of decor from small size is too invasive. The ornaments must be distributed evenly on the space available in the room, have more effect than a grouping on a single shelf.

The good sense it also takes as regards the quantity of objects with which beautify a room. We have to maintain the right balance; if the furnishings are just the room is empty and distracting, otherwise it can be suffocating. One element that bothers the cables are exposed; if we pass the cables without leaving a trace in the wall we can place them so that they see as little as possible. Alternatively, we can look for suitable covers to hide. For the color of the walls should not exaggerate; a room with all the walls a different color is an eyesore. A good idea may be to create rooms each with a color developed depending on the intended use. In addition, they must be in tune with the rest of the room.