The spring brings wind of change, and this makes us feel the need to renew ourselves, maybe changing look, and a little ‘everything that is around us, such as the appearance of our home decorations. With the arrival of summer we want to shake off the rigor of the winter air and bring the colors of the flower gardens also inside the house. Next, we’ll show you the simple ideas to decorate home in view of the spring .

We start from the most simple: to enrich our rooms with plants and fresh flowers . The plants give a more serene and natural to our apartments decorations, give a touch of color in more and improve air quality, it seems a small thing, but the effect is quite extraordinary. In addition to potted plants, we can also arrange fresh cut flowers: tulips, gerberas, irises, freesias, daffodils or classic roses, placing them in pots or transparent colors very delicate bring liveliness, freshness and scents of spring directly into home, to extend the life of the flowers we suggest you use the preservative to dissolve in water. Another way to spread the fragrance of the flowers would be to fix in some bowls or baskets bags with lavender flowers or dried lily of the valley, so as to spread a pleasant fragrance in a natural way.


Change the color of the walls is something that we already do generally to clean the walls and renew a bit, regardless of the season, though in this case we want to renew the appearance of one or more rooms opting for a new color best suited to spring season , we should choose from a list of light colors and pastels : pink, yellow, light blue, green, lavender, are all very appropriate to give the room a fresh and bright. We may also use the inserts in wallpaper with floral motifs, or, which is the latest fad of the moment, we can choose to apply the wall stickers, is an excellent way to supplement and enrich a very simple furnishings or minimal, beautiful poppies or bright gerberas give that extra touch flourishing even inside of our apartment.

Another surgery can be done on fabrics: upholstery, curtains, rugs and cushions can be replaced with other pastel colors and motifs spring If we want to change the upholstery of our sofa can bet on a beautiful cream color that goes well with all other pastel tones, or on a different nuance, the important thing is that it is fairly neutral so as not to come off strong and be able to give the room a soft and delicate. To curtains just choose to read and little curtains, so as to filter more light; recommended colors are always the same, delicate and diaphanous For carpets there is not much to do, we have to buy new ones, always following the same aesthetic criteria we have already seen above If you prefer to save a little ‘pillows also, like the sofas can be upholstered back rather than purchased with these tips you will see that your home will change the whole appearance, this time of year there is nothing better than a breath of fresh air so you just have to try, you will not be disappointed.