Decorate your home with one particular style is part of the habits of those who have already or are about to have her. The furniture contrary to the past no longer has to comply with the canons precise but can be uniform, mixed or customized. In recent years people have started to decorate their homes with a variety of objects and especially with recycled materials, creating a new style. Here then is how to decorate the house in shabby chic style.

The shabby chic style is what has decorated the homes of all walks of life during the Belle Epoque, a mixture of the Victorian and art deco emerging in those years. Today to decorate the house in this style is easy, you can just dust off old items from the attic or purchase them at second-hand shops. Each type of room can then be decorated in shabby chic style depending on the intended use.


Begin to talk about the kitchen, it is furnished with classic fireplace therefore, a kitchen with white tiles and all electric appliances (white enamel) are ideal. Along the walls instead of the modern cabinets, should place the classic christian Allie-re and beliefs to support with transparent glass, colored or pacified where you can put in evidence decorated ceramics and tea-and coffee in china or silver. On one of the walls, a plate rack with two shelves is shown to exhibit ceramic plates decorated with scenes or landscapes. The flowers are ornamental corners and walls should be placed on the various furniture on display.

The bedroom decorated in shabby chic style requires the use of lacquered furniture, light colors like pastel green or ivory with floral references very close to the “Venetian style”. drawers and chairs are in “Victorian” while the four-poster bed or classic wrought iron dark green, white or Matt black is very suitable. The curtains must be double coverage then, with light trap sheets of beige and rich veil of floral evident. The toilets make-up must also be with hints of flowers and light color. Finally, the dining room is back to being the one used only for special events so, cover with white sheets on the sofas, tables with doilies full of lace and crystal vases with fresh flowers are a great decoration in shabby chic style. The furniture should be simple and linear and square-framed strictly gold. The exhibition of objects such as silver trays with tea pots and coffee pots in evidence, exalt in full style shabby chic.