The art of furniture has its beginning in the period between 400 and 500. After the presentation, for a long time of medieval furniture, removable and adapt to every room and environment, with the Renaissance, the furniture takes on a very different connotation: each piece of furniture performs its own function and is intended for a specific environment. Let’s see how to decorate your home in style 500.

For obvious reasons, the furniture found in good condition due to the first and late sixteenth century, there are many, it is full-blown antiques and not of second-hand clothing, which is why, their cost will be considerable. The furniture made ​​in 500 is rugged, almost always achieved with solid walnut of a certain size, from dark colors and deep due to the use of large trees which, thanks to the large diameter of the logs, allowed to obtain thick boards , assembled through joints in wood or nails rudimentary for the construction of furniture.

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The structure of the furniture was crafted with hand saws, lathes and planers, often carved furniture, were characterized by trim made ​​by experienced cabinet makers. In addition to carving techniques that favored the designs in relief or the round of floral motifs and animals, they used the foil and gold inlay designs for beauty and aesthetic enrichment. Chairs Bergamo , obtained with a single piece of solid wood , stools and benches are in use in many homes as well as chests and tables refectory, made ​​of solid wood with a structured plan long and narrow, very stable and sound very different from the tables of previous eras which made ​​use of mobile structures through ‘using tripod. The refectory tables, solid and spaciously, are adopted four dining rooms, a genre currently playing, In furnishing in style, the basic feature provides, under the plan, a unique cross support. The landscape is vast and varied in the ‘northern Italy are produced furniture that recalls a Gothic style, the southern states most typically Moorish style rich with inlays. The alternation of lines allows you to make a choice between the various trends of the time. But I remind you that the tables with four legs (known to us at present), will overlook the scenery of the furniture only towards the end of the sixteenth century.

While the use of living room furniture or kitchen follows a well-defined structure with heavy and sometimes rich in detail, the furniture of the bedrooms are simpler The cabinet consists of a very large box (hood) from the simple structure, made ​​of solid walnut, (in some cases) or in Florentine style developed for wealthy families and noble The birds often made ​​in the size of a single square or a and a half square , Also have simple lines, made ​​from planks of wood often coated fabrics that hide the view, nevertheless you can find some rare model with canopy or carved headboard, which has some well-carved corner columns for 500 decorating style you find the furniture of the time (often in dark walnut), characterized by polishing wax. The curtains used in that era are heavy and velvet, you can use them as above tends, curtains and adopt lighter and clear as curtains Some element 500 inserted in a studio or in a dining room can be pleasant, a little ‘less a furniture completely oriented towards this style, however, suitable for hotels, castles or palaces of the era, will still be mixed with period pieces more Recent (cabinets) to make the Arable more comfortable and functional.