I do not have to be an experienced industry professionals to create a perfect decor for our home. The errors that can be made ​​are sometimes only little thing, but can make a difference. Sometimes you only need a little attention the most to avoid those typical mistakes that can create dissonance evident to the whole. With some small attentions and some more attention to detail, the decor of our home will improve dramatically.

First, we pay attention to the length of the curtains. It seems trivial, but a curtain too short can create a jarring very obvious in the environment. With the cloth serves generosity, the curtains should be as long as the ground, not half-height, for example up to the radiator where it starts. It is true that you should not cover the radiators when they are in action, but in this case we will just tie the tent or tie it with a ribbon to let the hot air. If the house you have any pictures, or prints on the wall, remember that these are made ​​to be watched and must, therefore, remain at eye level. They must not be placed too high on the wall, forcing you to watch it with the nose.


Let’s pay attention to the proportions between the various objects and furnishings. For example, it is not recommended to put ornaments of large substrates with limited space and vice versa. As well as on a bed or a sofa large we should not put too small paintings that would be lost in its proportions. That is of course also the vice versa, a framework with very large place in a room at the other pieces of furniture of modest proportions, would be too invasive. Per regarding the placement of ornaments , try to distribute them evenly on the available space in the room, will be certainly more dramatic than a grouping on a single shelf, leaving the other mackerel.

Common sense is always the master, also with regard to the amount of items with which to embellish a room must maintain the right fit, if the furnishings are too few, the room will be empty and distracting, vice versa may be suffocating. An element rather annoying cables are exposed If you need to run cables without necessarily wanting to create a track in the wall to hide them, you can arrange them so that they see as little as possible, or still try to hide the covers adequate Attention to the color of the walls color is nice, but do not overdo it, a room with all the walls a different color will be an eyesore, but it might be a good idea to create different rooms, each with a own color specifically designed depending on the intended use and especially intoning with the rest of the room.