Essential oils, scented candles, incense. Choose the perfume that represents the olfactory distinction of your home. Essential oils, scented candles, incense. Choose the fragrance that represents the olfactory distinction of your home.

Essential oils: the undisputed stars

Essential oils disinfect, deodorize and perfume naturally . Used pure, diluted in water, alcohol or vegetable oil. To disseminate correctly, there are three solutions:

The burner: just fill the cup of a mixture of water and three drops of essential oil, and light the bulb or the candle so that the fragrance is spread over time through heat. The burner is recommended for large areas.

The electric diffuser : allows micro diffusion , the transformation in a few seconds all the oil into a fine mist that is distributed evenly across the room. A very effective concept. Just need to find a nice device, which is not always easy!

Sticks or rods: immersed in a fragrant , natural and widely spread that smells pushing up oil by capillarity. Diffusion is rather light. They are best in small rooms. Regarding decor, these branches are well on a low table.


Namely : a vacuum cleaner can become an excellent diffuser. Pour a few drops of essential oil on the filter. The exhaust air will perfumed. Failing that, sucks a little washing powder the same effect.

Incense: a classic

Incense is practical, efficient and exotic. Avoided, however, releasable artificial irritating fumes.Cones, sticks, resin crystals , incense making all kinds of shapes and offers a range of fragrances very broad. To prevent any risk of accident, place them near an edge of a window or a fireplace.

Namely: Are you short incense? Burn a role of Armenia , is a healer and naturally deodorizing. It is also known for its effectiveness against respiratory problems. Previously it was thought that protected from evil spirits.

Candles: a perfume party

Colored screens, small earthen vessels, wrought aluminum, container choice is wide. The fragrances are multiple and sometimes unusual. Choose by no dyes, wax, natural oils or vegetable smoldering and smoke. Avoid light them during meals, but place them in the classroom and on the entry. They create a festive atmosphere.

The 100% natural potpourri

Nature lover and environmentalist converted? Back to old methods to scent the interiors. MAKE dry summer lavender and citrus skins in winter. provinces of Use citrus farming to avoid pesticides. Put them in beautiful cups in the room. And the fabric lavender sachets for the rooms: distribute them among the piles of clean linen. You can also hang an orange and let it dry, then place it in a closet. airy Once the fragrance , potpourri reactive pouring a few drops of brandy (spirits) and essential oil. You can also regularly replace the cinnamon sticks and dried citrus.