Ideas for renovating the house about materials and elements with simple solutions and no major reforms.

The reforms involve a disorder because they involve putting the house “upside down”, but ultimately always worth it. Are the perfect opportunity to expand a room, make more light into an interior . In addition to the works of great size, and although there is no specific legislation from time to time is appropriate to revise and renovate facilities, especially in homes of more than thirty years. This can hire a company to carry out all work and obtain permits, a more convenient but more expensive, or go to different specialists , more economical, but requires more involvement on our part.

To enlarge the rooms

Sliding doors earn meter spaces communicate and adapt to all styles. They can be viewed or embedded. The new designs can incorporate mechanisms and elements of all kinds. There are even with the possibility of installing the TV. Or the new recessed frames that include switches, lighting points or sockets. The plasterboard systems leave their classic image and create plans for clean walls. If incorporated fiberglass, become fireproof plates, so that they are perfect in boiler rooms, kitchens, etc. While bath water repellent systems are desirable. Options include wood, noted for their ease of installation and qualities of wood coated plywood or chipboard plates coated high density melamine. If you do not want to work, building on flexible walls that are configured with movable partitions in plastic, felt .


To renovate facilities

For both safety and functionality, electrical, gas and water must be in good condition and comply with the regulations. And in individual cases, choose a licensed contractor to meet all legal requirements. The first need a picture with five switches, a differential and an automatic. And at least five circuits. The contracted power is usually at about 5,500 w / h. Also in older homes is necessary to change the pipes, usually by iron and lead, other copper, polypropylene . While natural gas are required to review every four years.

To reform the bathroom and kitchen

One way to renew and update the bathroom and the kitchen is almost no paint work, changing place toilets, renovating furniture handles, etc. Both the handles and knobs are elements that help transform the look of the house or work without large expenditures. They can be changed by yourself.

To improve the isolation

The windows are one element of the dwelling where more heat is lost, so the effort is directed toward improved performance techniques to optimize energy consumption and provide greater comfort. Designs on the market offering great soundproofing and airy feel, with a sandwich of three glasses and Venetian integration with PVC.

To renew the doors

Change the interior doors can renew the image of the house, gaining square footage or get more light in a room. In many cases, or paint can go lacarlas equally expensive than replacing them with new ones. You can opt for sliding designs, lanes built or seen, hinged or folding, models in wood paneling, glass or panels.

To renew the windows

You can choose profiles of PVC, aluminum thermal break or wood. Regarding the opening, along with the swing and slides, the newest are the tilt and osciloparalelas a perfect choice for access to the outside. Models with concealed, that create large glazed areas, have attractive and provide visual continuity.

To change the floor and wall covering

The possibilities of coatings are varied. A classic marble flooring or add new hard porcelain, some of them can be installed over other flooring, and laminates, which gesture need not work. Whether to change the soil, worth taking to install an insulating sheet between the slab and the new pavement or choose one contained on it. Do not forget that if you change the floor should be lowered the interior doors and remove the baseboards. Before we start we should remember that it is cheaper to carry out a comprehensive reform in the home to renew a single facility, and must ask several estimates, preferably closed.