In our home we have many articles to which we can take another addition to the usual use.

Aluminum foil to clean jewelry, cleaning the oven baking, lemon to combat rust stains on clothes . there are thousands of very useful tricks that can help us in our home.

How do I clean my jewelry?

To avoid being noticed the effect of time in our jewelry can line a bowl with foil, fill with hot water and pour a tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent without bleach. Place the jewelry in the container for one minute and then remove and dry well. The above trick can also serve to clean silver though for this type of accessory it is best to rinse in a solution of water and baking, leaving them to soak for five minutes and then dry them. If our jewels are pearls or stones that have lost their light, the ideal is to make a mixture of water, soap and a small proportion of ammonia and apply with a toothbrush.


Something as simple as having an onion on hand can help us polish our gold jewelry. How? You just have to squeeze the juice of half an onion and add a little, to introduce what we want clean and let stand for ten minutes. Then you have to dry and ready to go. Other options for your gold jewelry look like new is to let it stand a few minutes in a liter of water with few drops of ammonia and dry, or gently rub with a brush impregnated with toothpaste.

Home Cleaning

Certainly there are many products on the market to combat the dirt that accumulates in the oven but it’s nice to know a trick home if they have not. Baking is our partner for this. Simply spray the inside of the oven and pour water upon him to make it wet, let it sit overnight and the next day remove the baking soda with a sponge and rinse. What if we stick a gum on the carpet? It is best to apply an ice cube and when the gum has hardened, try to remove everything with a knife and apply a little hydrogen peroxide diluted with water.

Our wooden cutlery they age with use and over time. To make them be like new just have to dip them in a liter of water with half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and keep them there for a day. Used oil can recycle it to make homemade soap like our grandmothers. You have to take a quart of oil and strain it to remove most of the impurities, a liter of water and 200 grams of caustic soda. Mix water with soda in a bowl and let stand for one day. Then add oil and stir well until the mix starts to solidify. Spoon mixture into a mold and let stand until set, a couple of days later to cut it into pieces.

Stubborn stains on clothing

Sometimes our clothes are very difficult to remove stains. If we like chocolate can fight with a little margarine, let stand fifteen minutes and then wash as normal. Rust is one of the worst spots when trying to remove them. To do this, mix lemon juice with salt, making a kind of mortar, apply in the area and let dry in the sun. If we made a cut and our clothes are smeared with blood, is as easy as applying hydrogen peroxide and then proceed to wash it. Another product that can help us with these stains is baking soda mixed with water, applied with a brush.