With the cost of running and maintaining a household spiralling out of control, you may be searching for ways to regain control of your home’s energy bill, especially as winter draws nigh. Simple changes in your behaviour can be the first steps to take toward making your home more energy efficient; as you explore your options you may also find that some of your old windows are ready to be replaced. By using a myriad of techniques and products you can have peace of mind as your energy billing cycle comes round each month. Let’s review some ways to get control of your energy consumption and save money.

Home  Energy

  • Changing some of your habits can definitely make a difference in the amount of money you pay for energy each month. You can easily save £45 to £80 each year by just turning off appliances when you’re not using them; make sure they are switched off each evening before you go to sleep and when you leave for work each morning.
  • By changing the temperature of the hot water in your home to about 30°C you can begin to see some savings accrue. To see additional changes in your energy bill you can wash dishes in the sink when you have just a few to do, boil only what you need for your cuppa each day, and limit the time of your daily hot showers as well.
  • Inspect the shower head you are using in your bathroom and purchase a more energy efficient model that saves time and money when you shower.
  • Examine the insulation you have in the loft space and cavity walls of your home; you can also get your home draught-proofed which will make other options you use to reduce energy consumption more effective.
  • Take a look at some of the low energy light bulbs and see if they would work in your home; you can install LED spotlights for your reading area to save additional money.
  • You should also inspect the windows and doors in your home to ascertain their energy rating; if they don’t have one, this means they are quite old and probably need to be replaced. Today’s windows are made from exceptional products that make your home greener and your energy bills much lower. Be sure to visit http://windowstoreplastics.co.uk to find styles that match your exterior design and colours that complement your home; you’ll find a plethora of styles that are affordable and that can pay for themselves in short order. If your home is an older one here in the UK, it’s probably time you replaced the windows with more energy efficient models that can help you to regain control of your household energy budget.

To keep your household running smoothly and efficiently, take some steps to change the behaviour and habits of your family and upgrade some of the features in your home so that you can get the most from your money.