Although water hot in your tub can be relaxing, if it is too hot can be dangerous. Certain features are included in the water heater from the tub to ensure safe operation. One is the high limit switch, sometimes called “hi-limit”.

How the hot tub

The tub water hot is removed from the surface by a pump. The pump forces the water over the heater assembly. The heat of the coils in the set is transferred to the water. Once the water is heated, it flows in the tubes and into the tub through the jets.

The water coming into the tub is sufficiently hot to relieve certain aches and pains. If the bathwater is cold, the heating coil can be blown and should be replaced.

Alternatively, cold or warm water may indicate that the high limit switch is activated falsely. Our hot tubs for sale include the best rated hot tubs on the market, including 4 person hot tub. Bench style hot tubs. Lounge style hot tubs.

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High Limit Switch

The high limit switch is a sensor that tells the water heater stops if temperatures rise too. Normally, the switch turns off at 120 ° F (49 ° C). High temperatures can damage the heater assembly. To function properly, the high limit switch requires the free flow of water in the tub and proper calibration of the thermostat, among other factors.

Location high limit switch

The high limit switch hot tub is included in the set of heating water. Typically, such a set consists of a heating coil covered by a sheath insulated from a corrosion-resistant material. The thermostat of the unit is also included in the set. The accommodation at set consists of a durable material such as stainless steel.

 Triggers high limit switch

As with the sensors in many devices, the high limit switch may malfunction or fail for reasons other than excessive heat. If the filters are clogged or dirty Jacuzzi, has restricted water flow. This can cause the high limit switch is activated at lower temperatures the preset limit.

Also, if you mistakenly turn on the controls while the bathtub is dry, temperatures within the heater assembly may rise as much as to melt the set itself. Certain problems with the high limit switch may occur when you empty the tub and then filled, as the air can fill the pipes that carry the water to the tub.

The presence of air in the pipes can also cause the high limit switch is activated. The calibration of the thermostat to a temperature that is too high is another way to trigger the high limit switch.