Summers seem to be getting hotter and hotter, don’t they?

Is there a way to stay cool indoors without breaking the bank? Sure, just avoid A/C, or go to the mall, where it’s free. Research has shown that one of the best ways to keep your home cool is to use its design to your advantage, and to do more subtracting than adding. Different types of window dressings give you more choices.

Light Colors

White isn’t the most exciting color in the world, but it is the coolest. Using white shades, or variations like a light biscuit or a soft, creamy yellow will keep the heat in your home down to a minimum. In the winter, use darker shades as they draw in hit. Black shades can quickly turn your home into a furnace in the winter. Just remember to switch them out when the summer comes.


Keep Them Closed

South-facing windows can be particularly troublesome in the summer, especially if you want to keep your home cool. The problem with south-facing windows is that they get the sun from dawn until dusk. These rooms are the unfortunates. Definitely go with a light color for the shades in these rooms and keep them drawn. Nobody wants to block out the sun, but most people find that it’s the only thing that works, even if you have central air conditioning.

The same goes for eastward and westward facing windows. Keep the eastward shades drawn in the morning and open them at noon. Keep the westward shades open until noon then close them. This lets the cool air into one side of the house, and lets the hot air out the other. It’s important to keep the light balanced in the house, as light, concentrated into a small room, can heat your entire house within minutes.

Solar Blinds

While timing the sun right and using light colored shades may be a step towards joining the Green Revolution, it’s not all that you can do to keep your house cool. Have you ever heard of solar blinds?

Solar blinds are by far one of the most effective ways to keep your home cool in the summer, and get this, they protect your furniture as well. The sun is a lot stronger than it used to be, and UV rays are an unseen culprit, responsible for the fading of your most valuable furniture. Solar blinds block out the light, but not always the view, depending on what you get.

As a bulkier alternative, sunscreens are also available if you appreciate the view and can’t sacrifice it to a cooler home. They deflect the heat from the sun and afford you as much of a view as your window will permit.