There are so-called “Tricks or grandmother’s recipes” that are infallible in any situation, learn some to keep your house clean.

Keep the house clean can be a long and expensive process when you have enough money to pay a professional or buy a product for every object, furniture, floor or window, fortunately there are recipes and tips for all types of household dirt or stain .

Clean pots and kitchen utensils

# If metal, must be cleaned with soap and a sponge bath hard, it is not hard to make because they can be scratched. What you need to do is insist moderate pace until the brightness starts to bite.
# To remove the yellowing caused by coffee, chocolate and tea at the bottom of cups and wells, using a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste, rub and rinse. With once a week will remain white and spotless.


Cleaning grease stains on clothing

# Grease stains from clothing can be removed by rubbing with a little liquid soap degreaser, which can be used to wash the dishes. No need to leave for more than a minute, if the garment is of a delicate texture or fabric is better to invest in a trip to the laundry.
# The stains of lipstick or lipstick are removed by rubbing with a little Vaseline, apply and then rinse, it removes it immediately.

Clean windows, glass and crystal

Rub them with a piece of white vinegar, detergent and water, as usual clean them, dry them and go! gleaming windows.

Avoiding bad smells in the kitchen

# If an egg falls to the ground, it is best to cover everything with salt, allow to dry and collect; out easily and leaves no stain or odor.
# If your kitchen has no exhaust fan, light a candle in one hand what you are prepared, that the smell away and does not change the food.

Furniture and fittings of the rooms can also be cleaned and arranged with homemade tricks, search online the type of cleaning required by yours. The important thing is that if it is a very difficult spot is best left to insist and pay a professional, that is home and practice does not ensure that solve all kinds of cleaning problem. Home recipes are ideal for when economic scarcity affects your pocket, or do not want to resort to chemicals, just as there are natural mixtures of fruit for the hair and skin, there are also to beautify and clean our home.