Some of the most common plumbing problems always take us by surprise and trigger headaches and considerable unpredicted expenses. While trying to handle this situation in a timely and cost-effective manner, most homeowners try to conduct DIY projects, which in most cases fail to provide the desirable results, generate further complications, or manage to provide a proper solution to the initial problem only for a limited period of time. Why are professional services offered by insured, certified, well-trained, courteous plumbers always the best alternative at hand when it comes to dealing with some of the most annoying plumbing issues around the house?

First reason: Fast, accurate diagnosis saves you a significant amount of time and money

If your pipes are leaking, your basement pretty much looks like a pond year-round, your sink is clogged, or your toilet is no longer fully-functional, relying on real experts ensures fast plumbing troubleshooting. Most homeowners don’t have the skills and the knowledge required to identify the real cause of their problem. Let’s take pipe leaks, for instance. There are quite a few DIY solutions addressing this problem, like accessible patch kits available in every hardware store or the awfully common waterproof tape or epoxy paste used by many homeowners to fix faulty pipes. However, these less reliable methods can only guarantee temporary results and will never be able to replace professional services, including fast diagnosis and high-quality repairs.

Second reason: A quick fix, long-lasting results without hassle

Clogged sinks, drains, and toilets, bursting pipes, and faucet leaks are common, yet extremely delicate problems that always disrupt your daily routine. If you trust your skills and you have enough spare time on your hands, you can choose to deal with relatively simple assignments on your own, like a clogged drain, noisy pipes, or a leaky faucet, after reading a few online articles and watching some informative tutorials. However, if you can’t identify the cause of your problem, or if you simply don’t have the knowledge or the proper tools needed to complete a much more complex task (fixing or sealing defective pipes located behind your walls or buried in your basement, for example), it is always recommended to count on professional services. A team of experienced plumbers will ensure a quick fix, enabling you to profit from excellent, cost-efficient results fast and effortlessly.

Third reason: Meticulous home inspections, maintenance routine and expert guidance throughout the entire process

In some cases, DIY projects are simply out of the question. You should know that there are several home improvements which require a special permit, like installing a new plumbing system, for instance. Furthermore, other processes demand a meticulous home inspection that should obviously be performed by an insured, certified, fully-trained expert operating in this line of work. Moreover, at times you might be forced to handle severe plumbing problems (faulty main line impacting the functionality of your tub and toilets simultaneously) or emergency situations (floods triggering extensive water damage) which can only be examined, controlled, and fixed by a real professional.  Always keep in mind the fact that DIY projects almost never manage to substitute professional assistance. An experienced plumber will always provide prompt services and the expert guidance that you need in order to follow a correct maintenance routine to avoid similar problems in the years to come.