In the home improvement contract bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and painters of confidence, though more expensive, is the key to avoiding problems.

When making a reform in the home as well important to choose the professional or professionals who are responsible for the work. Many times in order to save money is used to make all companies offering jobs: bricklaying, plumbing, electricity etc. This option may seem very comfortable and is normally chosen, especially if they are low budget. However, this formula has great risks, as it is very difficult for all professionals involved to be good. It should be noted that these businesses, in order to increase profits turn to cheaper workers without properly assessing their professional qualifications.

The advice most useful to organize a reform in the home is to select personally asking each professional and do all sorts of references to previous work. The hiring organization and the work is more complex, but the end result is better and prevents problems that in many cases irreparable. In any case there is a law regulating this sector and the rights consumers have when there is a conflict with the company doing the work.


Budget for housing reform

Before hiring the work of reform must be obtained from the company or operator who made ​​a written estimate. This document should include among others the following:

¤Name or corporate name, address, tax ID of the service
¤Name and address of the client
¤Description of service requested and address of the place where it should be done
¤Quantity, quality and price of materials used
¤Price of labor per hour, day or surface measure
¤Approximate date of start and end of service
¤Total cost of work to be done, taxes included
¤How long the warranty of the work
¤Period of validity of the budget

The budget must be signed by the customer and the company doing the reform. Failure to accept the budget, the customer pays for the realization of it if written previously noted in this regard. If during the performance of the work you see any hidden defect or malfunction unforeseen arises, you should inform the client in writing as soon as possible to accept a corresponding increase in the cost of the work. The consumer if desired may resign from the previous budget, but that position should be written down in the face of possible legal consequences.

Bill a work of housing reform

Once completed the work the company must give the consumer an invoice to include the following:

¤Invoice Number
¤Name, address, number or tax identification code of the service
¤Name and address of the client
¤Description of services rendered
¤Total price with a breakdown of materials, labor and taxes
¤Duration of warranty
¤Date and signature of the service provider and customer

Finally the company must make available to the client the documents certifying the origin, nature and cost of materials used.

Final Thoughts

The budget and the invoice are documents that allow consumers to file a subsequent claim if problems arise, both during the performance of the work and subsequently within the warranty period. But it is desirable that there is no problem, since in many cases the best solution to generate conflicts and lengthens the time of implementation of reform to the detriment to the consumer. It is therefore necessary to emphasize again the importance of choosing good professionals who do the jobs. In this sense it can be useful to require in writing that the work was carried out directly by the operator contract and is another who can replace him once the reform. It should be noted in this connection that often companies accept the completion of works that coincide in time, forcing them to resort to other operators that are not always sufficiently qualified.