In this guide I explain how to clean the panels. These are items such as furniture, doors decorative purposes and manufactured in different materials such as wood, glass and crystal. Clean them properly, will ensure that they retain their beauty intact over time and preserve to the fullest.

First you have to wear rubber gloves or latex to avoid leaving fingerprints while clear panels, especially if they are made of plate glass or frosted glass. Next, take a cloth of linen or cotton imbecile clean with a solution consisting of water and dish washing detergent. Rub gently onto the surface of the Panel, in order to remove the patina of dust and dirt. Rinse afterwards with another cloth and fresh water. Finally, dry the Panel with a chamois cloth, taking care not to leave unsightly marks. To Polish the glass panel, use of newsprint, moving in a circular motion.

If the Panel is very dirty, you need to use an abrasive sponge and remove these stains with it on the glass and in the interstices. Be careful to avoid rubbing the surface of adjacent wood and painting around the Panel. Remove then the various streaks caused by metallic objects taking a sheet of sandpaper, with a grain similar to that of the glass, so you don’t scratch it, and place the tape slightly affected areas. Delete so dust and debris dusting the Panel with a dry cloth and completing the work with a special spray for glasses, to be distributed evenly and without leaving streaks.


If the Panel is made of wood, you have to proceed in another way. Get a wool cloth and pour a few drops on this red oil for furniture. Rub with circular motions the rag on the Panel, going to tap its entire surface. Now you have to wait for the oil to dry, making sure not to touch the wood in this time frame. Next, remove the excess product with a woollen cloth. Finally, if you want to give a little bit extra, measures to make bright the Panel with one or two coats of wax, better if of bees. Window frames and jambs instead, simply apply olive oil, which in addition to clean them, make them less stringent.