With the crisis looming over our heads, we are forced every day to save every penny. Gone are the days when, bringing us in supermarkets, saw the carts overflowing spending and, moreover, we could settle our children when they asked us to buy special snacks , even those that are usually advertised on television. With all the expenses that we have to support, there is not much left from the salary , so you buy you need to be able to live with dignity, giving up most of the time in the same things you would need but which then pass into the second floor . I think this is a topic that affects us all a bit, so below you will learn How do smart spending and saving.

spending and saving

First, try to understand what you need to buy really. Prepare homemade meals instead of consuming them in the canteen or restaurant is a guaranteed savings then organization efficiently manage the expense . First we make a detailed list of what we need to prepare our food, taking into account the necessary quantities. This way will not buy foods that we do not need and that are likely to be thrown, and let us make us convinced by offers and advertising . We try to go often to the supermarket, if we have the chance , so buy fresh fruits and vegetables to be consumed immediately, thus avoiding having to cook them and throw.

Follow the offers is useful to buy food at a reduced price, so let’s keep up to date with the brochures and we store coupons for discounts, but do not be deceived by purchasing more than necessary. Accumulating large quantities of products at home, not only we will need a lot of space, but we risk them expire before consumption. We prepare homemade meals from raw materials, avoiding precooked foods, gaining in health: vegetables and fruits, such as salad, must be purchased to cut and wash. In this way we can significantly reduce the cost of spending, but also check the ingredients used and avoid consuming preservatives and chemical additives.

Let us go to purchase food when we are hungry and possibly avoid peak times, so as not to be influenced by our mood and can be calm, taking only what is necessary. Let us finally of alternative places where do expenses , such as going to the market or to buy directly from the manufacturer so you pay only the price of production. Participate in community-supported agriculture , or GAS, it is a good way to buy quality products while lowering the cost.