To place the food in the refrigerator in a proper must follow some specific instructions that enable the foods themselves to keep cool in the best way and for a longer time . As we know it was developed in height, and each floor is characterized by a slightly different temperature . Thanks to the steps in the guide, find out how to follow the right method to arrange the food.

Let’s start from the organization of the door. As we know, all the refrigerators are divided into different compartments . At the door, there are several drawers and containers in which food must be stored respectively dairy products of any kind (milk, yogurt bottles and the like), butter and margarine (there is also a special accommodation) and eggs. In the area below is provided accommodation for bottles of water, soft drinks or the like. In the spaces that remain (always in the door), you can add fresh yeast, mayonnaise, cheese and foods of small size, but they do the same from the categories listed above.


Now on to the top of the fridge. In this compartment are placed cheeses, sauces, yoghurts, preserves and cold cuts that have remained in the open blisters. Being the slightly higher temperature, it helps to keep fresh for a longer time, the packages that have not been consumed, especially those that provide a drink in a short time. If you do not want to keep the eggs in the housing place on the door, you can move them to the post in question. Let us now point in the mid-height. On these shelves placed the meat, fish, poultry and meats to block (sliced).

In shelf between the middle and the bottom will instead be organized spaces for foods that are advanced and will have to be heated, the ready-made soups, and all the foods that have already been cooked and have been organized in the appropriate bins (including cover) Even the desserts (such as cakes and pastries with cream or chocolate) should be stored in low . All that remains is the lower part, where there are drawers This magazine is dedicated to raw vegetables (salads, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli and the like) Always considering this order you ensure your food to be always kept fresh at the ideal temperature for them.