Why the right bed length is important for good sleep, and which can contribute to good feng shui bedroom.

We spend almost a third of his life in the bedroom, but so far was for many reason, not much thought to the ambience of this space to make. According to experts, are still far too many Germans “in the wrong bed”, which also indicates the increase in sleep disorders. But now it seems gradually to make a difference. The bedroom gets more attention, the advice of sleep researchers and other “experts-beds” are frequently used today. The trend towards more individuality is clearly noticeable. The “bed-the-shelf” has lost the favor of consumers. Especially since there are increasingly financially attractive individual solutions. For many manufacturers, customers can put together a wealth of head-and footboards or bed frame and feet as you wish to thousands of different combinations. Even with the size and color when it comes to individually.


Bed and man must fit together

The Germans are getting larger: 1.81 meters of a normal German man measures today. Women bring it on average to 1.68 meters. Every ten years, the average size in both sexes by about an inch. Despite these developments are in many German bedroom still too small beds. Sleep experts recommend length of at least 20 inches plus height. All that is below, can lead to uncomfortable sleeping positions and affect the quality of sleep. Even with the width and fit man bed together often. A meter minimum width is recommended to sleep deep and restful. The furniture industry has responded to such developments. Therefore offer size upholstered furniture manufacturers on request from the XL-beds furniture store.

Sleep better with Feng Shui

The bedroom is on the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is a very special room. And of course the bed, we spend about one third of our lives. Where it stands, should be decided not only by practical considerations. According to Feng Shui has jurisdiction, its position on the quality of sleep. It is advised, for example, set up the bed so that they lie in every look, coming in at the door. On the bright colors and bold colors should be abandoned in accordance with feng shui in the bedroom or the bed, dear. White is the sensation of purity and romantic elegance that it gives, especially recommended. Particularly strong red or orange colors are too vivid strong the sleeping area and should therefore be avoided better. Blue is the icy cold tone. Also, it is better to banish gray out of the bedroom.